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Personal Uniform And Style Ideas For Work And Play

Creating 6 outfits for work and weekends using my capsule wardrobe. 
July 21, 2022
By Victoria Vitale

The One Sweater You Need In Your Wardrobe

Welcome to my blog series that starts with my 1-Week Sweater Challenge. Wearing the same sweater 7 days in a row might seem like a crazy idea, but with a sweater as good as this one, it was easy to incorporate it into my everyday life.

Follow along for outfit inspiration for work and play. I’ll explain and show how you can wear one sweater in many ways and on many occasions.

The 1-Week Sweater Challenge was a great way to try having a minimal wardrobe and being more sustainable. I learned that having less in your closet doesn’t mean your outfit choices are limited.

Quality over quantity should apply so that you have pieces that last and won’t end up in landfills worldwide.


If you are like me, you have separate clothes that are only for work and others that are for hanging out with your friends on the weekend.

But who says that clothing items can’t be used for both? It is all about how you style and accessorize something to make it appropriate for a specific occasion.

By investing in versatile pieces like the Oliver Charles sweater, you can create a minimal work from home wardrobe that you can take from day to night with ease.

These style ideas will help you take staples in your closet and wear them for all occasions.

Oliver Charles - Styling a Sweater For Work And Nights Out

Styling a Sweater For Work And Nights Out

We express ourselves with our clothes, showing our style and who we are. You don’t need a closet packed with different shirts or pants to create something special for each occasion.

I have the habit, like most, of wanting something new for each event, but in hindsight, it is just a want and not a need.

Great outfits come from your creativity, not from the abundance of items you own. So today, we’ll see how a high-quality staple, like an Oliver Charles sweater, is versatile enough for multiple occasions.

I’ll wear my sweater for workdays and a night out on the town. It all comes down to how you style the sweater, and hopefully, my ideas give you inspiration!

When we think of a sweater, we automatically think of fall and winter activities. But with an everyday sweater as thoughtfully made and classic as Oliver Charles’, it’s easy to find ways to wear it year-round.

Oliver Charles - How To Put An Outfit Together For Work
Oliver Charles - How To Put An Outfit Together For Work

How To Put An Outfit Together For Work

We don’t have to sacrifice style when going to work. Even though dress codes or specific uniforms are in place at most workplaces, it doesn't have to impact our style.

The Oliver Charles sweater is perfect because it is modest enough, comfortable, breathable, and easy to pair with a variety of other items in your closet. Perfect starting item to create a work capsule wardrobe.

The first outfit I put together had my Oliver Charles sweater underneath a jumpsuit, which was a very comfortable outfit to get stuff done in around the office.

I accessorized with a simple gold necklace, tan purse, mint green hair clip, and tan short heels. I like that the sweater is thin and easy to layer under anything in my closet, especially my jumpsuit, because it is one of my favorites!

Oliver Charles - Work-Approved Yak Wool Sweater Outfit
Oliver Charles - Work-Approved Yak Wool Sweater Outfit

My next work-approved outfit is monochromatic, which is very trendy these days. Next to black, I think tan would be my second favorite color to wear. Wearing one color allows you to add a pop of color with your accessories, just like I did here with my headscarf.

I tucked my sweater into some tan pants and wore the same shoes as the first outfit. Along with my laptop bag that goes pretty much everywhere with me, I wore a layered necklace with my outfit.

Oliver Charles - Work-Approved Monochromatic Yak Wool Sweater Outfit
Oliver Charles - Work-Approved Monochromatic Yak Wool Sweater Outfit

For my third work-ready outfit, I wore a floral maxi dress with the Oliver Charles sweater layered over the top. I tied my sweater in the back to make it tighter and add more definition since the dress was so flowy.

I added a gold necklace and a tan purse to accessorize the outfit. Like the sweater, I clipped my hair back and then completed the look with a pair of nude heels.

Oliver Charles - What To Wear For A Casual Night Out
Oliver Charles - What To Wear For A Casual Night Out

What To Wear For A Casual Night Out

Whether I had happy hour plans during the week or exploring nightlife on the weekends, the question of “what to wear?” was easy for me to answer.

Here’s what I came up with, which helped me feel confident and comfortable during nights out.

While it’s easy to stick to outfits you always wear, it’s worth trying new styles. Who knows, you might find your next personal uniform by trying different types of styles out.

The first outfit I put together was smart casual, so I’d be dressed to match the vibe of most places. I tucked my sweater up to define my waist; that’s why I also added a silver chain belt. I wore a black skirt, which seemed perfect for a night out.

To keep it casual, I paired my outfit with white sneakers, which was the final touch to making the outfit comfortable for walking and dancing.

Oliver Charles - What To Wear For A Casual Night Out

The second outfit I put together is more on the dressy side. I wore the sweater as the base layer and slipped a black dress over the top. I added a black belt with a gold buckle to define my waist more.

For my shoes, I wore my black platform sandals to give myself more height. Finally, I put a headband on and wore a simple gold pendant necklace.

Oliver Charles - What To Wear For A Casual Night Out
Oliver Charles - What To Wear For A Casual Night Out

The third outfit I put together was the most comfortable and casual, but I elevated the look by wearing a pair of nude heels. I tied up my sweater and wore distressed black jeans.

This type of outfit is perfect for a casual night out and is closest to my preferred style. I layered a thick gold necklace and a black hair clip for accessories. I like how this outfit turned out, and I really like how the sweater looks tied up.

The Oliver Charles sweater doesn’t just have to be for a casual day or the office; I spiced my sweater up for a night out, and you can too. There’s so much you can do with a quality classic sweater to make it perfect for all of life.

Oliver Charles - Minimalist Wardrobes Don't Have To Feel Small
Oliver Charles - Minimalist Wardrobes Don't Have To Feel Small

Minimalist Wardrobes Don't Have To Feel Small

Clothes shouldn’t stunt your creative ideas. Instead, you should want to create beautiful new outfits for every occasion with what you already own and love to wear. Each item in your closet has more than one purpose. The number of outfits you can create from a single garment (and places you can wear it) is nearly endless!

Try new styles every once in a while, and you’ll never get bored with the clothes you already have. You’ll be surprised that a staple in your closet can look like a brand new item once you style it a new way. Getting dressed should be fun, and it’s a great way to represent and express yourself.

Victoria Vitale has a degree in fashion communication and enjoys sharing her experiences. Victoria is here to help you learn and grow your fashion knowledge.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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