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A Cozy Evening Spent Wearing My Yak Wool Sweater

The magic of a yak wool sweater in a coffee shop.
April 18, 2024
By Selina Steiger

Getting Snowed On In My Yak Wool Sweater

A snowy adventure awaits! Introducing the 3rd blog in my 3-part winter series about how my Oliver Charles sweater keeps me warm in Canada’s freezing temperatures.

From a week of hustling, doing chores, and balancing work to dog sledding out on the trail to finally winding down for a cozy evening in a coffee shop– you better believe this sweater goes through it all!


The scent of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, mingling with the hum of conversations around me. Nothing is more satisfying than putting your feet up after a long day, and to do it in a sweater that has carried me through it all is just magical!

Dusk has set. A cozy atmosphere around me. Warm lights dangling from the ceiling. Board games piled on top of a bookshelf. I find myself cuddled up in my yak wool sweater, softly dreaming while sipping coffee and nibbling on a Maple Danish.

My sled dogs are fed and happily bedded down for the night. I finally get to wind down and spend some quality time with myself. To journal, reflect on the day, or just daydream. What better way to end the day and the series than with coffee. The first sip is always the best.

Dog Team And Sweater
Wearing My Sweater In A Cozy Coffee Shop - Oliver Charles

A Mingle Of Coffee Wearing A Comfortable Sweater

I keep myself busy all day because I love being productive. But as much as I like to work, I also love to relax when time permits. If I can have a quiet hour or two in the evenings just for myself, I feel refreshed and refueled to get back to work the next day.

Because getting ready is a hassle, I don’t get out of the house much besides work. But having my yak wool sweater to style me tonight made going out a fun and relaxing experience. I knew exactly what I wanted to wear!

I matched my sweater with jeans without overthinking it like I usually do in most outfits. Quick and easy, it does the job well! Going for a casual look but also infusing enough fashion to not feel out of place like I haven’t tried a little.

I can be socially awkward, but when I dress the part and know I look good, I am already so much more confident.

A magical transformation has taken place inside and out. Thanks to my yak wool sweater, I feel stylish and comfortable, maybe enough to grow some roots in this coffee shop– who knows.

What I Ordered In My Quick Coffee Shop Visit - Oliver Charles
A Mingle Of Coffee Wearing A Comfortable Sweater - Oliver Charles

I’m Feeling Dazed, In A Good Kind Of Way

As if under a spell, I sit here reliving my entire week. My sweater keeps me company on this special night like it has been for the past seven days. Running my hands through the fine wool brings back all my adventures so vividly, as if they were playing out live in front of me.

I see myself outside with my dogs in knee-deep snow, shoveling my driveway at home, running around doing chores, all the way back to when I first unpacked the magic of my sweater– that deep Emerald Blue color and the carefully 3D-knit patterns of yak wool, still leave me in admiration.

After a week of adventures, my yak wool sweater has found a special place in my heart. Not only did I make memories, but I also upgraded my fashion game. I know I will wear my yak wool sweater repeatedly for a long time.

I forgot how cozy a coffee shop can be. What a nice treat this has been!

Selina Steiger is a storyteller. She loves to write and share ideas about anything and everything! She's active on Instagram, sharing weekly newsletters with her followers every Sunday. She's also writing on platforms like Medium, Quora, and

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