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Alex L.
Travel further and pack light

This material is sustainable, antimicrobial, and super easy to wear for a whole week at a time. One of the biggest worries that I had, especially in Denver in May, was that I wouldn't be able to play outside in the sun as the weather got warmer without sweating a ton and smelling after only a couple of days. It wasn't a problem with this sweater, which is absolutely fascinating. I am definitely looking forward to streamlining my wardrobe and finding ways that I can wear better and wear less. I would highly highly recommend this to honestly any of my friends that are focused on sustainability and or light travel. It's one of the things that I am focusing on is being able to travel with just a backpack and being able to drop down what I'm wearing to a handful of items for a week without needing to wash multiple loads of clothing is absolutely fantastic. I can travel further and have a little bit bit more flexibility and freedom. So the challenge was an absolute pleasure to do, and I'm really glad they came out with a new color. Thank you guys, I had a really fun time. Not having to think about what I had to wear for a whole week. And also not having my co-workers even notice that I was wearing the same sweater in every single Zoom call all week long. So wonderful, especially if you're looking for sustainable, antimicrobial clothes that you don't have to think about it.

Kaitlin D.
Replaced my cashmere sweaters

I love my new sweaters! I bought 2 in March and I wanted to get the other colors. I never heard of the 1-Week Challenge but I inadvertently wore them practically everyday since I got them. I love how they never seem to pill and then when I washed them they look like new. You have no idea how difficult it is to find a sweater of this quality. The fit is also so amazing. Not too big not to small…perfect. This is the perfect sweater. It has replaced my cashmere sweaters that look like crap after one hour since they never stop pilling. Thanks so much. I love them

Stephen F.
High quality and very durable

I gotta say, I'm impressed with this sweater! Extremely comfortable. It has held up over continuous wear - I've worked out in it, did my hobbies in it, and went to work wearing it. My work is pretty physical (I'm an engineer and I build prototypes). One thing I was very impressed by was how it did not hold on to odors throughout all this wear. This is an excellent piece of clothing, high quality and very durable. I never felt at any time I was over-stressing it. I am really happy I ordered this and it's going to be something I wear for years. I've always been in the camp of a simple simpler wardrobe with much more durable goods, and the OC sweater was perfect for what I was looking for.

Maureen B.
Yaks in Tibet

I love clothing made from exotic animals. The sweater appealed to me because I saw yaks in Tibet.

Roberto M.
Bought a second one

I'm at the age now where I want only a small number of garments that are of the highest quality fabrics. Oliver Charles does such a good job with their sweaters I bought a second one after absolutely loving the first. after absolutely loving the first.

Dorothy O.
I am THRILLED with the fit

It fits like a dream I have narrow shoulders and the 3d knitting hides that. It is long enough ...seldom found in off the rack clothing. The navy is a beautiful color . I’ve worn it every day since it arrived from 90 degrees to 65 degrees . Pittsburgh has wild weather. I love well made clothing and have Escandar cashmere sweaters . I have linen sheets and wool comforter , my rugs are wool . When I worked I wore 7 oz summer weight wool suits in summer..I wear fine wool sock all year. My concern was the itch factor. So far no itch!

Jeremy S.
I actually have two sweaters

I love wearing my sweater every day. I have no frustrations with it. I had no skepticism. I was excited to take the 7-day sweater challenge. I'm going to keep wearing it probably most days. I actually have two sweaters, so I'd love to do this with the other color too. I would recommend this sweater to everyone to buy.

Brooke D.
I don't want to wear anything else

Reviewing my fabulous crewneck Oliver Charles sweater after finishing the seven day challenge. It's technically day 11, but who's counting. The sweater still smells great, and I'm super comfy. We had a major heatwave recently, which was more of a challenge, but I was so comfortable the vast majority of the day, like two or so hours each afternoon, I'd take it off once it passed like 80 degrees. But up until then, I was really comfortable. There's a little bit of pilling because I've been literally living in and doing everything in it. Nothing beyond expected, and I think it still looks great/feels amazing. The venting under the arm is also clutch. It's so amazing. I was able to walk, exercise, do yoga, wrestle with my little one... so totally versatile. Literally was amazing just waking up and being able to throw it on not without having to think about what I was wearing. Definitely freed up some mental space. Fabulous addition to my capsule. I don't want to wear anything else. So ritual. That was a wonderful challenge and I'm so in love.

Tyler L.
Getting away from fast fashion

I have been wearing my Oliver Charles sweater for more than seven days, and I want to give you all a review. I was a little hesitant before purchasing this sweater for two reasons. One, the price. I'm definitely trying to bring things into my wardrobe and life that are of higher quality. But it's still new to me to spend more on these things. The second thing was the actual feel of the sweater. I've had wool sweaters in the past that have been very scratchy. The only way you could wear them was with another long sleeve shirt underneath. With my OC sweater, I've had no issues. I've worn some undershirts with it, usually just a t-shirt. But today, I'm wearing it with nothing underneath, just the sweater against the skin, and it has not been itchy at all.

Now on the fit of the sweater. I'm wearing an XL, and I picked it because I was using the sizing tool on their website. I don't own XL in anything, so that's another maybe point of hesitation I had before ordering. But the sweater fits great, and I think the sizing tool recommended XL because I'm 6'3, otherwise, a smaller size might've been a little too short on me. Overall, it has been a great sweater, one that's going to be a staple in my wardrobe.

I'm trying to minimize the things that I own for environmental impact and getting away from fast fashion. I'm investing in pieces that are gonna last me for decades. Also, I'm trying to reduce decision fatigue when I'm getting ready. If I only have a few things to choose from, I don't have to think about it. And honestly, most people probably only wear a portion of their clothes anyway.

My OC sweater has been very easy to wear. I've worn it here in Washington DC in February when it's been very cold. Randomly, for a few days though, the temp jumped to 70, and I was still feeling great wearing this sweater. It's so breathable, and it kind of just changes with you. If you need to stay warm, it keeps you warm. And if you need to release some of that heat, somehow it magically does it as well. I will continue to wear it for many, many more weeks into the future.

Doris C.
Just GREAT service

The sweater is perfect for my boyfriend who travels a lot to the colder world and it really keeps him warm under his suit jacket. Most of all this business was so helpful in making sure I had the right color and size in time for Christmas. Just GREAT service. You can't go wrong with these wonderful men.