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Summer Crew Neck
JoEllen T.
I will be wearing it everyday

I always wear black so the charcoal color is good. Also I asked for xx large for no binding anywhere. Before I washed this summer crew it was slightly scratchy but after washing Nice and Soft! I would be able to work/play in this sweater as well as dress it up. I do layer my tops depending on temperature big works for me. That this sweater is made with a much smaller carbon footprint than a cotton sweater and that the harvest is sustainable resonates with me. I would recommend it to a friend.. and I will be wearing it everyday .. so I will keep track of how well it works.

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 180 lb | Bust: 44"

I had never spent this much on a sweater

I had never spent this much on a sweater. Now, I am a Oliver Charles sweater lover and embrace the price! New materials, new ways of creating clothing in an ethical, earth friendly method are so very important in this time of climate and economic change. Fast fashion is so bad for the planet. This sweater is changing how I will purchase clothing in the future! I think my daughter would love one of these sweaters!

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect

Summer Scoop Neck
Jessica S.
Could last forever

My initial viewing of the structure of the sweater was a little weary but I was really impressed. The fit was very light, breathable and comfortable. I wore the heather brown to an outdoor fall festival and walked around all day. I want to order more for myself and my family. I love the feel and function as well as the idea that it could last forever. I keep things for decades. I tend to run warm but wore the sweater baking, running around town and covered in puppies. I would love to buy one for my mom because it’s so versatile and my aunt because she wears a small capsule wardrobe out of an RB traveling May- September.

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’3 | Weight: 200 lb | Bust: 44"

One nice sweater that's lightweight, packable, druable

I love that I participated in the Oliver Charles Summer Sweater challenge because I normally never would have brought something that I can wear to work out in the elements. As a teacher, I think the idea of clothes that can function for double duty - nice enough to wear to school and durable enough to go rock-climbing in - is a big part of my steps towards creating a more sustainable wardrobe. I travel frequently and being able to bring one sweater that's lightweight, packable, and I now know can stand up to a variety of activities is exactly what drew me to Oliver Charles in the first place. I'm recommending this sweater to everyone I know because we all need to step away from fast-fashion practices and think more impactfully about how we interact with our environment.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Worn it almost every day since I’ve gotten it

It fits great! I love that the sleeves are tighter below the elbow. It’s roomy in the middle of which I really need. I’ve worn it almost every day since I’ve gotten it. I’m wearing it now!

Size Ordered: XL | Typical Size: XL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’5 | Weight: 200 lb | Bust: 38"

Will be joining my core wardrobe

By biggest frustration was not with the sweater, but with my weather. It got up to 106 degrees while doing the challenge. I would have liked a short sleeve V or scoop neck in the Seacell for the ridiculously hot weather. I would also like more cool, saturated colors: royal blue, purple, Barbie pink - I am a winter in coloring and these are my neutrals :). I was concerned, as a plus size woman, that the 2x wouldn’t fit me properly, but the size was excellent. Also, as a knitter I was a little concerned about stability and drape without seams, as seamless knitting can bias. However, the 3d knitting seems to have avoided the bias issue. I am very conscious of what I wear and consume and I tend to buy basics then accessorize with home crafted and a few fast fashion items. OC sweaters (yes, when my budget allows there will be more than 1), will be joining my core wardrobe. As to who I would recommend an OC sweater to - pretty much everyone. My mom (who almost stole my current OC), is already angling for a SeaCell cardigan for Hanukkah this year. I would also recommend them to my kids and friends. All in all, a winner for me!

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect

This will help me minimize my closet

This is a lovely and soft sweater with incredible versatility. I wore it so many ways and dresses up or down so nicely. I was concerned about sizing, but went with my gut and chose the smaller size and it was perfect. I am working on minimizing the number of clothing items in my closet and this will help. This sweater is perfect for anyone on-the-go with a variety of different activities and temperatures.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Summer Cardigan
Rebecca P.
Quality of the fabric is awesome

I love my summer cardigan! It keeps me warm but also isn’t too heavy that I can’t wear it during the summer. It goes with everything. The quality of the fabric is awesome. Feels really nice on the skin. I’m not proud to say, I live my busy life kinda chaotically at times - sometime leaving clothes on the floor / in the car / crumpled up in a gym bag, you get the idea. The Oliver Charles sweater has kept up with this busy lady! I’ve had the sweater over a month, have not washed it and have worn it frequently and it still looks and smells as good as the day I got it. I got a size large which ended up being a little roomy so maybe for my next OC sweater I’ll size down. But oversized sweater still looks cute.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Ran Slightly Large

I was surprised I didn’t have to wash it the whole week

I was surprised I didn’t have to wash it the whole week because it didn’t smell at all! I love the short sleeve sweater because it is not too hot, but it keeps me warm in the evenings when the weather cools down. I would recommend any version of the summer sweater to anyone like me who gets hot very easily because I could wear it in temperatures higher than I would normally wear even just a long sleeve shirt. It was nice to have a sweater that I didn’t have to keep taking off and putting back on as I got too hot and cold because it just kept me comfortable the whole time!

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

Feather weight

Love the snug fit, softness and feather weight. Also love the use of seaweed in the fiber blend!!

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Ran Slightly Small
Height: 5’8 | Weight: 160 lb | Bust: 39"

Super awesome for folks who have sensory issues

Two thumbs up for cozy versatility! I intended to pack this sweater as my only warm piece of clothing (aside from a rain jacket) for my family’s trip to Olympic NP and Victoria, BC. I was a little nervous relying on it solely, so at the last minute I shoved a hooded sweatshirt in the last available space of my pack. I’m happy to report after the seven day challenge, that sweatshirt has never been unpacked…in fact I moved it to the bottom of my bag because it was just taking up space. This sweater is very true to size. I have a long torso and long arms so usually have to size up for length and I’m very happy with the length of both with this sweater. At the end of 7 days of wearing the sweater nearly all day each day, it looks brand new, isn’t stretched out, and smells the same as it did when I took it out of the box—and I wore it during some hot days. There’s a small amount of pilling under the arms, but not noticeable at all. In fact I think the coloring of the sweater hides the pills… I love the versatility of the color (undyed) and am super happy with my purchase and couldn’t recommend this sweater enough to others who are looking to minimize their wardrobe/travel packing list, who are active and want a versatile piece, and/or folks who want a quality garment that is comfortable and will last.

I posted that review on the website. But I forgot to mention that I love that the tags are sewn on all sides. This helps me resist the urge to rip it out and I didn’t even notice the side tag was there until day 5 of wearing. Super awesome for folks who have sensory issues and hate tags!

When I get home I’m going to clean out my sweater bin of all the poorly made merino sweaters that I have and might wear once or twice a year. I can’t wait to see how this sweater withstands a cold northwest winter!

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

The Summer Sweater is well named

I put the sweater through a pretty vigorous test. In the approximate two weeks that I’ve had it, I have helped adult kids move, biked, hiked, worked, gardened, held my first grandbaby, and done lots of daily activities in it. The temps in MN have ranged from 60-85 while I’ve worn it.

The very first day wearing it, I managed a small snag right in the front with a ring I’ve been meaning to get to the jeweler. I pushed the thread in through the sweater and it is basically invisible. When the panic subsided, I managed to reach into a cabinet and get a grease stain on it. It also sustained chocolate ice cream drips and plant stains from picking tomatoes. You can imagine, I was sure this sweater wasn’t going to make the cut. Yesterday, I did use a bit of stain remover, tossed it in the wash and this morning, all the stains lifted - I put on a necklace and wore it to church!

When I first got it, it fit perfectly. This surprised me, because I had to exchange a small for a medium - which is the size of an all season sweater that my husband wears that’s a bit big for me. But the small was simply too form fitting. Over the time that I wore the Scoop, it relaxed a bit and does fit more like the medium all season…a tad on the big side for me, but not so big that it’s not the right size. When I washed it, it did return closer to its original shape. This should not deter anyone from a purchase, but I think it’s important to know so you don’t return a well fitted sweater. It has some give, but does not strike me as stretched out.

The temperature range was comfortable - but I’m guessing it would not be comfortable alone (for me - Minnesotan) less than 45 degrees. I would say 85 was pushing the comfort level on the top end. So the Summer Sweater is well named. With a light jacket or a shirt underneath, it would stretch that range considerably.

Overall, if you are looking for a sustainable organic sweater option, or if you are toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, the Summer Scoop Neck Sweater is a solid choice.

One last thing (if you are still reading this long review!) - Oliver-Charles is a company with fantastic return and repair policies and has customer service that is raising the bar in its field.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: S | Fit: Ran Slightly Large

Did not get stinky or stretch out of shape

I recommend this sweater to everyone! I put it through rigorous active testing: rock climbing, rowing, chopping wood, weight lifting, hiking…. and it really did not get stinky or stretch out of shape. Feels great.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Summer Scoop Neck
Jessica L.
Both delicate and sturdy

I was hoping that I would be able to pair the sweater with lots of existing items in my wardrobe for my Alaska trip - and I did! I brought both the summer scoopneck and my all season cardigan with me and wore them both a lot. I was surprised at how both delicate and sturdy the summer sweater was and I like that the fit relaxed the more I wore it. The scoop is more of a gentle V which I really like, and it’s not too low. Next we go to the Outer Banks for 2 weeks in August and I’m really interested to see how it does in the humidity!

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect

Soft on the skin

I received my large cloud colored sweater, and it fits great! I am a tall female (5'11"), so I appreciate the arm length and the body length in general, without being baggy in the mid section. I think it looks great, and I love the seamless style. The material is also soft on the skin.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

Summer Crew Neck
Katheryn H.
Sun coverage that didn’t cause me to overheat

Before taking the Oliver Charles Summer Sweater Challenge I struggled with having adequate sun coverage for my skin that didn’t cause me to overheat! I had no experience with 3d knit sweaters, or what the texture might be with the Sea-Cell (seaweed and organic cotton) fiber. When I opened the package containing my sweater I adored the lush and very light texture, and how smoothly the seamless construction felt on my skin. After the challenge I am truly in love with this sweater and it’s almost magical properties of temperature regulation, comfort, skin coverage, and style. I am pairing this sweater with so many different items in my wardrobe as I always want to be wearing it. I used to try to have different “looks” each day at work (using many of my thrifted or consignment garments) and am now happily refining my wardrobe and my life by focusing on key pieces that are versatile and comfortable and made with quality and sustainability in mind. I would recommend this sweater to anyone - no matter if your focus is sustainability, style, comfort, or versatility, this sweater covers all of those goals. It makes me happy! And I think anyone else who wears this sweater will be happy too. So many thanks to Oliver Charles. You have made me a fan for life!

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect

It's an investment in a company I want to stand behind

Fast fashion wasn't even on my radar until last year. Once you know something, you can't unknow it. Seeing mountains of discarded clothes and learning about microplastics made me think about my own choices. I am an artist and I think a LOT about how technology is changing the playing field. I was blown away when I saw an Oliver Charles video of their 3-D knitting machine. I thought to myself, "Now that is a great example of how to use tech wisely." It made me curious. Minimal waste, no inventory required and Oliver Charles researched earth-friendly materials. They knit the sweaters in the US. I appreciate value, but even more than that, I appreciate VALUES. It's an investment in a company I want to stand behind. The sweater is everything they advertise it to be. It is soft, seamless and huggable (according to my friends). It makes me think more about other choices I can make to stop adding to the mess. Definitely a good purchase!

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

I’m excited to try a yak sweater next!

This was a first for me - taking a challenge and posting my adventures with THE summer sweater. I wondered if it would feel scratchy if un-layered. It didn’t. I thought it might be to hot in our CA summer or not warm enough for a/c indoors. Both unfounded concerns. One of the unexpected perks was that people responded well to the color on me, always a good feeling! That Poppy!! I tend not to wear and wash so the idea of reusing worked well and especially because I never detected body odor lingering. Today I washed Poppy for the first time in 8 adventures and she looks beautiful! There is a bit of pilling under the arms and on the tummy area and while I remover getting written advice about that I can’t find the paper. I will ask. Overall this sweater made of algae cut in Iceland and mixed with eucalyptus pulp is a complete joy! I’m excited to try a yak sweater next!

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

A true year round sweater

Over the years I have systematically jettisoned my bulky wool sweaters since I found them so uncomfortable and scratchy. But, having found Oliver Charles's Summer Sweater I feel I have a true year round sweater that's comfortable and stylish with the added bonus of being good for the environment and tech forward.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

Very pleased with the fit, color, and fabric

I can hardly wait for cooler weather so I can wear the sweater frequently. I'm very pleased with the fit, color, and fabric. It didn't lose its shape or 'grow' as I wore it. My plan is to come back for more!

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect

Performed well against my old sweaters in many aspects

Invested in the OC all season sweater to upgrade a 14 y/old Possum Merino sweater. Was not disappointed as it performed well against the old sweater in many aspects. The most useful and suprising was the washabilty of it. I would not put Possum Merino through a regular machine wash any day. Like cashmere, the regular wash cycle would be too harsh on the Possum fibre. After two weeks of wearing the OC sweater, decided to follow the washing instructions and put it throught the machine with the rest of my clothes on a regular cycle. Came out looking perfect (dried quickly too) and smelling new. Big thumbs up. It wasn't as warm as the Possum Merino at rest but the durability outweighed that feature as it breathed far more than the Possum Merino when active. I would say the Possum Merino makes a better blanket insulator, but the OC sweater made a better sweater, especially with the seamless 3D knit. One gripe. Possum Merino does not pill, or at least is really resistant to it. The OC sweater, like with most wool sweaters, pilled like the rest after a day or so of wear. Not a big thing, especially when you choose a colour that hides it really well but it makes wearing it to work a little less enticing if you want to look neat. Both my old Possum Merino and the new OC all season sweater are amazing fibres, and both have already made a positive change to how I wear clothes. I hope the OC sweater can last as long as my Possum Merino. Would recommend the sweater to any one who seeks the outdoors, who is active, and who wanted to invest in a piece of quality clothing.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

Wearing the sweater daily was effortless

My introduction to the Oliver Charles company began when, in a rare instance of "Okay, I'll bite," I clicked on an ad about some sort of marvelous sweater, sustainability, fiber from seaweed, yak hair, and a challenge to reduce the material (literally) goods housed within one's closet. That intrigued me to dig a little deeper into the company and by the time I finished reading I ordered a sweater. I wanted to support a company that was using innovative technology and natural fibers, and using closed-loop production to reduce waste. And, I really liked their promotion of buying quality over quantity- - reducing the number of clothes items owned in favor of wearing quality items more often. Therefore, when I got the opportunity to participate in the All Season Sweater challenge, it was not difficult to accept!

With the exception of one extremely hot day, I wore my sweater each day for a full week. I biked in it, went for long walks in it, wore it boating while crabbing, slept overnight in it (on the boat), wore it to work, and wore it out to dinner. It is absolutely the most comfortable item of clothing I now have. Despite the amount of use I put it through, and at temperatures between 50 to 75+ degrees F, I never felt the need to wash it the entire week. It did not retain odor and kept its form beautifully the entire time.

Wearing the sweater daily was effortless because it felt great and looked great- in fact, I actually welcomed not having to figure out what to wear each day. The impact of this for me was that by the end of the week I realized I had a desire to cull my clothes. It's not that I have a lot of clothing items- just a small closet and two bureaus -but even so, I reduced my clothes inventory by a third simply by removing all items of clothing that had been worn five times or less in the past year.

I have already recommended the Oliver Charles sweater to several of my friends and know that at least one has already put in an order as a result. I will continue to recommend these sweaters and talk about what this company is trying to do. Thank you Oliver Charles for the challenge- it has reminded me of how truly few material things we actually need to feel satisfied.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

Warmth and comfort

I love discovering a new sweater material. I love having warmth and comfort in my sweaters, and I love the softness of the sweater. I would recommend the sweater to anyone who loves wearing soft sweaters.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Love that there is no seams

Very nice quality, love that there is no seams. I felt like it is true to size without being baggy or clingy. Very cozy sweater I wear outside every morning when it cool outside. I do get a little hot about the 60-65 degree range depending on what I’m doing. I ordered the undyed color which was pretty, the grey/brown is very neutral. I usually just wear with joggers in the morning but have also wore with black pant to the office and with denim shorts. I was very intrigued by the material and the 3D knitting. Your article on the ethical treatment of yak really spoke to me.

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’1 | Weight: 109 lb | Bust: 32DD

All-Season Cardigan
Kimberley M.
It is so soft

Fits for my style perfectly and it is so soft. I love the color! I am big on neutrals for wearing over whatever I have on a t shirt or summer top. I love the sustainability and that it has no seems!

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’ | Weight: 165 lb | Bust: 42"