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Customer Reviews

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Sam Canino
Starting to become one with my sweater

Wake up feeling a bit chilly. Sweater. Getting ready for a night on the town. Sweater. Going to work. Sweater. Golf. Sweater. Nap time. Sweater. Shower. Sweat... anyway I can't stop wearing this thing!

These sweaters are incredible. The longer I've had it, the more I wear it. Super cosy and comfortable. Definitely getting softer the more I use it. Looking forward to getting some as gifts and for the V-neck!

Seppl B.
Thin and warm

Everything perfect. I bought one for my son and did asked it back because it is a perfect sweater for elderly. Thin and warm. You can wear it always under or over other clothes.

Donna G.
A perfect sweater for people of any age and any lifestyle

A quality sweater that can be worn with anything. I like it with my jeans the best. Feels comfortable in any weather. My husband wore his several days in a row and it still looks and feels like new. No smell! A perfect sweater for people of any age and any lifestyle. It is a classic! Love it so much, I bought two for myself and plan to spread the word!

Tara L.
A perfect lightweight, comfy, and stylish modern sweater combination

I’m a pretty standard medium-sized woman, but I’m tall and sizing has always been a struggle.

It is near impossible to find a sweater (that isn’t oversized) with a good waist length. And as all tall girls will understand, it is actually impossible to find one with sleeves that don’t cut off at your wrists... Until now.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to put on a sweater and be able to pull the sleeves down around my fingers. Aside from the clear benefit of the sleeves, the crew neck sweater is a slim fit, but not too tight. It feels, but doesn’t look, baggy - a perfect lightweight, comfy, and stylish modern sweater combination.

Suzan K.

My 3 sweaters arrived. They are GORGEOUS. I’ve worn my medium, lt. grey one for the last 2 days. So comfy, warm, soft, handsome, luxurious, unpretentious. I love the torso length so I can either wear it full-length, or gather it up a bit. Color is marvelous. It’s a soft silvery, grey. The other 2 are XL for gifts. I may have to give them early.