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I didn't even have to pull out my winter coat

My one concern was actually that my weather would cooperate with wearing a sweater. We have dramatic temp swings and one day it really was pretty hot for December. :-) The upside was we also hit the lowest temp on record one day, and I didn't even have to pull out my winter coat, which was really nice. Although I wear natural fibers daily and promote multiple brands that host clothing "challenges" this is the first time I have participated myself and I enjoyed it. It was really nice having that decision already made for me every day and definitely made me curious about trying other wardrobe challenges. Knowing that I can still be creative with my wardrobe while wearing the same focus piece was a fun discovery. My only constructive feedback on the sweater is that for me it seemed a little small for a unisex medium and the shedding was pretty heavy for the first day or two. Other than that I find the quality, design, feel, and warmth to be excellent.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Ran Slightly Small
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 175 lb | Bust: 36"

The thermoregulation was absolutely amazing

I didn’t think a heavy sweater would work in SoCal and that I would overheat, it I never did! The thermoregulation was absolutely amazing. Plus having proved to myself that I can wear the sweater at least 7 days in a row without washing and without stinking will save so much water and energy. I honestly recommend this sweater to anyone looking for a beautiful high quality winter sweater that you can feel good about, both physically and sustainably!

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 145 lb | Bust: 34B

Staple in my wardrobe

I actually did the week-long challenge, which I realize now was for a different sweater. But here in South Carolina, it usually doesn't get truly chilly until January and February, and I wanted my sweater now, so I ordered the Summer Sweater scoop neck and wore it every day for a week. It's an extremely comfortable versatile sweater and I was very pleased with the weight for fall here in the south. The neckline is perfect for me (I don't prefer crew necks), and the material seemed to act much as a fine merino will -- temperature regulating and breathable. The sleeves were getting a bit stretched out by the end of the week, as I'm one who loves to push them up when I'm working, which is most of the time. With washing, I'm sure they will return to the normal shape. But this sweater has become and will remain a staple in my wardrobe, and I'm especially looking forward to the versatility of this piece when traveling.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’5 | Weight: 180 lb | Bust: 38"

One-bag travel item

I liked the simplicity of building outfits around a simple sweater, even if those outfits tended to be my favorite cords and the sweater. One reason I signed up for the challenge is I wanted to test this sweater as a one-bag travel item. I'd definitely recommend the sweater for someone building a minimalist wardrobe while traveling. Two merino t-shirts, one of the sweaters, and a rain coat would be enough for weeks or months of travel. It's also a good choice for someone putting together a capsule wardrobe. People who want to invest in quality clothes they were often, instead of a closet full of barely worn fast fashion that's not going to wear well.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’1 | Weight: 165 lb | Bust: 40"

Holding up with 5 straight days

I’m pretty impressed with how the sweater is holding up with 5 straight days of wear. Thin enough to fit under overalls but still warm for 35 degree weather.

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’3 | Weight: 135 lb | Bust: 34B

Summer Cardigan
Mariska K.
I really want more of them

The 3D knitted no seams was probably the deal maker for me. I wear an apron every day at work and one more thing rubbing on my neck or underarms is just an issues. This sweater is great I love the smoothness of the build of the sweater. I also really like a company that is willing to sell a quality garment that they will stand behind. The pledge to repair the sweater was really another thing that drew me to trying the sweater. I was more than pleased with the feel. Of the knit material it is made from. I really want more of them.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 140 lb | Bust: 36DD

Summer Cardigan
William L.
I was wondering what a sweater made of seaweed would be like

I’ve enjoyed sharing my experience with buying and receiving my SeaCell sweater. I was wondering what a sweater made of seaweed would be like and I was very pleased with the garment I received. I would recommend this sweater to anyone looking for a quality sweater that is a nice layering piece.

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 6’ | Weight: 240 lb | Bust: 46"

The value is exceptional

I was a little skeptical on if the sweater would truly fluctuate to match what I needed (keep me cool and warm accordingly) and it delivered! There was a little bit of pilling under the arms, but very minimal. The cardigan worked well as a layering piece. I definitely feel like it’s a long lasting piece that will help me save money in the long run because I won’t be replacing a fast fashion low-quality piece. The value is exceptional.

Size Ordered: XL | Typical Size: XL | Fit: Perfect

Cornerstone of my wardrobe for a long time

The sweater is incredibly comfortable, exuding high quality that suggests it'll be a cornerstone of my wardrobe for a long time. Even after wearing it for seven days, it retained a fresh scent. Though there was minor pilling on the arms, washing it with jeans not only restored its original texture but also improved its shape, dispelling my initial fears of shrinkage, itchiness, or odors. I made the right choice opting for a size medium, despite typically wearing a ladies large, as it fits perfectly. The sophisticated camel color has won me over, and now I'm eyeing the hunter green Merino wool crewneck.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 170 lb

Incredibly versatile

I travel a lot for work, and one of my big frustrations is trying to get everything into my suitcase when speaking at multiple conferences. I found the OC sweater to be incredibly versatile, and to go with so many of my wardrobe pieces. It was lightweight enough not to feel sticky, yet kept me warm and crisp, fall nights. And it didn’t get stinky, which is a major travel bonus. The fit is snug without being too tight. In fact, I would have preferred it to be a little bit more fitted than it is. I’ve been working hard to reduce my carbon footprint and not purchasing brand new. This sweater made me feel good about the purchase, because of the sustainable way it is made.

Size Ordered: XXS | Typical Size: XXS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 104 lb | Bust: 32"

For anyone looking to simplify their wardrobe

I was motivated to get an Oliver Charles sweater because I wanted a high-quality item, that is durable, eco-friendly and versatile. I choose the Summer Scoopneck because I wanted something light-weight, and I am interested in the SeaCell technology. Having a sweater made partially from seaweed was attractive to me. The challenge worked out great. I wore my sweater hiking on a cool day, around town for errands, and to a professional business meeting. I love the tight weave fabric and color (Heathered Brown). It's fitted and flattering, but loose enough to breathe. I recommend the Summer Scoop Neck for anyone looking to simplify their wardrobe with a well made sweater.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 125 lb | Bust: 36B

My first 3D printed piece of clothes!

Love the fit, feel, style, and love love that its made from recycled and sustainable products. Also love that it's my first 3D printed piece of clothes!

Size Ordered: XXS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’3 | Weight: 97 lb | Bust: 32"

Summer Cardigan
Mariska K.
I bought because of the lifetime backing

I was drawn by the no seams knitting of the brand. I hate seams! I bought because of the lifetime backing! The color is better than my monitor showed. I love the fit and feel so far!

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 140 lb

The most comfortable sweater ever

It's the most comfortable sweater ever. Also, it's not too warm so it's perfect for cool summer nights

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

US Merino Crew Neck
Madelein L.
Goes many days without washing

The US Merino Wool Crew Neck Sweater came at the perfect time as fall started and it's time to pull extra layers out of the closet. I was already dreading the changing weather for the lack of good layers in my closet. I struggle when I don't know what to wear, it takes up too much time in the morning when I should be focused on more important concerns. However, this sweater is a layer you can and will wear often! The soft but thick knit has great thermoregulation. The Camel color is a rich neutral color option that goes well with everything else. The merino wool easily goes many days without washing, does not lose its shape much, and is quite durable for whatever the day may have in store. When it was wash time, the sweater was quite straightforward to manage, in addition to the rest of my laundry. The first wash (6 days in) compressed the 3D weave without losing the right fit while maintaining the soft and thick feeling I had gotten used to.

This sweater is for those who want to add a hardworking staple to their closet, find a regular layer to wear, and/or simply need to bypass indecisiveness on cooler days. I feel lucky to own this sweater and put it in regular rotation now, bring on winter!

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’4 | Weight: 130 lb | Bust: 34"

Not too deep a scoop, so I can still wear it to work!

I love this sweater. Fits beautifully (the wrists are a little tight), very comfortable, not itchy in any way. I honestly gave up on sweaters. Allergic to wool and cashmere, and cotton tends to shrink and pill! Plus, I run rather warm and sweaters can often be a bit too much! But the seaweed summer scoop sweater is amazing! Not too warm, but keeps the chill off. Scoop neck so it isn’t choking me either, but not too deep a scoop, so I can still wear it to work! I was definitely skeptical. How can you make clothes out of seaweed?! I don’t know, but this kind of magic is something I’m in for! Now I wish I had the cardigan too…

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’4 | Weight: 179 lb | Bust: 34DDD

Love, love, love it!

Love, love, love it! Getting softer with every wash. Nice neutral color - goes with everything! Jeans, dresses, shorts all look snazzier with this cardigan. Easy to dress up or dress down. AND it is SeaCell!

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 210 lb | Bust: 45"

Wore the sweater without washing it for the entire week

Given that the week I chose to do the challenge wasn't exactly "cool," I was afraid the summer sweater would still make me sweaty. I was delighted to find that even though I did get a bit warm when the temp hit 80, overall, the sweater kept me a perfect temperature. The weave under the armpits looks a little different - almost vented. I think that increased the breathability. I wore the sweater without an undershirt and it was not itchy. When I saw that it had a sewn-in tag, I was afraid it was going to bother me. (This is supposed to be a sensory friendly sweater, after all.) But it really didn't. I had intended on carefully removing it when I had the time, but I ended up leaving it in. I was able to wear the sweater without washing it for the entire week. One of the things I look for in clothing is the ability to re-wear. I was surprised at how fresh it stayed, despite the warmer weather. The sweater also looked really sharp. I had compliments on my appearance. As someone who goes for comfort over fashion, it was really nice to wear something that rivaled as sweatshirt in comfort, while looking nice enough to go to church or to a business casual event. That provides a lot of value, in my opinion. I would recommend this sweater to anyone who loves comfort over fashion, but doesn't want to look dressed down all the time. I would also recommend it to anyone who appreciates being able to wear an item of clothing multiple times without having to wash it and who cares about owning quality, slow-fashion items over trendy fast-fashion.

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 4’11.5 | Weight: 110 lb | Bust: 32"

Slowing down fast fashion

I gave it 4 starts instead of 5 not because of a design or materials flaw, but because it is larger than I thought it would be. Otherwise, this sweater us great for someone else looking to simplify their closet and make a commitment to high-quality pieces that will last a long time. I like wearing close-fitting, lightweight tops and layering, bc I get hot easily at work as a kindergarten teacher. The sea cell cardigan is the perfect combination for this kind of lifestyle/wardrobe. I started the challenge eager and open-minded. I’d really wanted to start with a wool sweater, but it was still hot where I live when I ordered, and I was SO eager to see one of these cool garments, that I opted for the seaweed blend, bc it would be cooler and more flexible for my adventures.

It is SO soft, the color is pleasant, and I love that there are no bulky seams. It’s the perfect weight to wear to the coast over a tank top, or a cooler morning or evening walk. As a result of the sweater being larger than I’d expected, I will probably not wear it to work as often as I’d originally hoped. It will continue to be a comfortable layer for these early fall days, and again in spring and summer, as I begin to wear tank tops again. I really enjoyed telling people that the fiber is seaweed-based! Friends were eager to touch it! I was also excited to share that because of the unique manufacturing process, it’s practically zero-waste! I look forward to trying a wool sweater next and sizing down, and wearing the heck out of it all winter! The idea of slowing down fast fashion is very appealing to me.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Ran Slightly Large
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 192 lb | Bust: 45"

Summer Crew Neck
JoEllen T.
I will be wearing it everyday

I always wear black so the charcoal color is good. Also I asked for xx large for no binding anywhere. Before I washed this summer crew it was slightly scratchy but after washing Nice and Soft! I would be able to work/play in this sweater as well as dress it up. I do layer my tops depending on temperature big works for me. That this sweater is made with a much smaller carbon footprint than a cotton sweater and that the harvest is sustainable resonates with me. I would recommend it to a friend.. and I will be wearing it everyday .. so I will keep track of how well it works.

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 180 lb | Bust: 44"

Summer Scoop Neck
Jessica S.
Could last forever

My initial viewing of the structure of the sweater was a little weary but I was really impressed. The fit was very light, breathable and comfortable. I wore the heather brown to an outdoor fall festival and walked around all day. I want to order more for myself and my family. I love the feel and function as well as the idea that it could last forever. I keep things for decades. I tend to run warm but wore the sweater baking, running around town and covered in puppies. I would love to buy one for my mom because it’s so versatile and my aunt because she wears a small capsule wardrobe out of an RB traveling May- September.

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’3 | Weight: 200 lb | Bust: 44"

One nice sweater that's lightweight, packable, druable

I love that I participated in the Oliver Charles Summer Sweater challenge because I normally never would have brought something that I can wear to work out in the elements. As a teacher, I think the idea of clothes that can function for double duty - nice enough to wear to school and durable enough to go rock-climbing in - is a big part of my steps towards creating a more sustainable wardrobe. I travel frequently and being able to bring one sweater that's lightweight, packable, and I now know can stand up to a variety of activities is exactly what drew me to Oliver Charles in the first place. I'm recommending this sweater to everyone I know because we all need to step away from fast-fashion practices and think more impactfully about how we interact with our environment.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Worn it almost every day since I’ve gotten it

It fits great! I love that the sleeves are tighter below the elbow. It’s roomy in the middle of which I really need. I’ve worn it almost every day since I’ve gotten it. I’m wearing it now!

Size Ordered: XL | Typical Size: XL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’5 | Weight: 200 lb | Bust: 38"

This will help me minimize my closet

This is a lovely and soft sweater with incredible versatility. I wore it so many ways and dresses up or down so nicely. I was concerned about sizing, but went with my gut and chose the smaller size and it was perfect. I am working on minimizing the number of clothing items in my closet and this will help. This sweater is perfect for anyone on-the-go with a variety of different activities and temperatures.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Will be joining my core wardrobe

By biggest frustration was not with the sweater, but with my weather. It got up to 106 degrees while doing the challenge. I would have liked a short sleeve V or scoop neck in the Seacell for the ridiculously hot weather. I would also like more cool, saturated colors: royal blue, purple, Barbie pink - I am a winter in coloring and these are my neutrals :). I was concerned, as a plus size woman, that the 2x wouldn’t fit me properly, but the size was excellent. Also, as a knitter I was a little concerned about stability and drape without seams, as seamless knitting can bias. However, the 3d knitting seems to have avoided the bias issue. I am very conscious of what I wear and consume and I tend to buy basics then accessorize with home crafted and a few fast fashion items. OC sweaters (yes, when my budget allows there will be more than 1), will be joining my core wardrobe. As to who I would recommend an OC sweater to - pretty much everyone. My mom (who almost stole my current OC), is already angling for a SeaCell cardigan for Hanukkah this year. I would also recommend them to my kids and friends. All in all, a winner for me!

Size Ordered: XXL | Typical Size: XXL | Fit: Perfect