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Summer Scoop Neck
Beverly F.
It's light weight and I love the color

Light weight. Love the color light blue, I wear it with shorts and pants. Sometimes I put a T-shirt under it sometimes I don’t.
I like the idea of having a few very nice clothes and not having so many cheap ones

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 128 lb | Bust: 36"

On day 3!

It's been cold in the PNW! I had intended to wear this in warmer temps and hiking this summer but decided to try it as a base layer under heavy sweatshirts. I even slept in it last night! It keeps me really comfortable and I am always cold. Upon first inspection, it feels a little scratchy, but soon softens after wearing it and I am really sensitive to that. I forget I have it on.

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 108 lb

My favorite

My favorite summer sweater!

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 130 lb | Bust: 36"

Building a small collection of high quality clothing pieces

I really wanted to build a small collection of high quality clothing pieces that I can wear in my daily professional, family, outdoor and social life. I wanted to reduce my footprint by not needing to buy new clothing frequently, and to reduce the daily mental load of trying to decide what to wear. I loved that the OC sweater is so versatile and definitely met all of these needs! I would recommend the OC sweater to other folks who would similarly like to decrease their footprint and simplify their daily life.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 146 lb | Bust: 36"

I like the idea of fewer but better clothes

I am wearing the Oliver Charles Summer Crew Neck as I write this review. I am using it under a microfleece quarter zip shirt I have had for at least 20 years. So you see, I like things that last. The color I selected is great for me. The size is perfect…not too tight nor too loose. It is soft against my skin and does not irritate it.

I like the idea of fewer but better clothes. It looks great under an Eileen Fisher (who has the same philosophy) linen shirt. I was disappointed that it is not made entirely from kelp, but understand that it may not be technologically possible. Yet.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

Summer Cardigan
Michelle M.
I like the feel of the sweater and it will be a good layeing basic for cooler seasons

I like the feel of the seacell sweater - like a soft cotton sweater but just a bit silkier. I think the name “summer cardigan” is a bit of a misnomer though. Its is a little heavier and warmer than I thought it would be. I do not think I could wear this cardigan in the summer. But I will wear it in fall, winter and spring. It will be a good layering basic for cooler seasons.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Ran Slightly Large
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 165 lb | Bust: 40"

Summer Crew Neck
Christine S.
Like the color

I have worn with jeans, like the color, was tight at first as advertised and then loosened. The neck is tighter than I like. I like to try new things.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

Recommending it to anyone with sensory concerns

It’s been warm and cozy when the temps have been down in the 30’s, and breathable and comfortable when the temps have been in the 60’s. March in Wisconsin was definitely a good way to test just how all-seasons this sweater really is!

I did not wash it, and it still smells fresh. It has relaxed a little, but not so much that it looks sloppy after 7 days. There is some pilling, as to be expected, but not as much as I would have expected, considering I’ve been wearing it all day for 7 days.

Final thoughts: I love the color and waffle knit texture. The sweater is beautiful and basic on its own, but also a blank canvas for accessories. Even with the texture, dog hair didn’t stick to it very much, which surprised me. It definitely kept me comfortable in both cold and warmer temperatures. I can easily see myself wearing it from below zero temperatures up to the 70’s. I love that it doesn’t retain odors and I could wear it 7 days in a row without worrying about smelling funny. While I measured at the top end of a medium on the size chart, I think I could have also sized down and been comfortable. The arms are a little longer than I prefer, but at only 5’4”, sleeves are usually long on me. I think this would work really well for taller individuals who don’t always have the length they want.

I really appreciate the opportunity to be a field tester! This sweater really does it all! I’ll be recommending it to my friends who need a do-it-all sweater, and especially anyone with sensory concerns.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Ran Slightly Large
Height: 5’4 | Weight: 170 lb | Bust: 38"

All-Season V-Neck
Nickolette C.
Keeps up with the parenting chaos

I am always looking for ways to minimize my wardrobe while maximizing my outfit options. I try to be a responsible consumer and prefer environmentally friendly options, which often means wearing what I already own and supporting companies that are mindful of their environmental impact. To that end, it is often difficult for me to find lasting pieces that go with what I already have. I need clothes that are resilient, soft, and move with me throughout the day as a toddler mom. I also need clothes that are soft and feel good to manage my overwhelming sensory input throughout the day. I was skeptical that I could wear this all seven days without a wash. With the amount of moving and sticky hands, usually my shirts are begging for a wash by the end of the day, if they make it that long. After completing the challenge, I was pleasantly surprised with the sweater's ability to hold its shape, not smell, and easily remove toddler gunk with a wuick baby wipe. I was also amazed that I wanted to keep wearing the sweater. I realized the unique 3D printed nature of the sweater was a beautiful surprise for my sensory needs - the lack of seams made this sweater especially cozy and easy to keep reaching for it. I appreciated how versatile the sweater was and how I didn't get bored with finding variety in my outfit. It was awesome to have one less decision to make every day. It really helped my anxiety and decision fatigue. It also looks great and makes me feel confident. I would recommend this sweater to anyone looking to simplify their wardrobe, cut down on decisions, and be comfortable and confident in their lives. It is an awesome 'mom sweater' - you can wear it with anything from sweats to jeans to a dress, abd it keeps up with the parenting chaos.

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: S | Fit: Ran Slightly Large
Height: 5’2 | Weight: 130 lb | Bust: 35.5"

Very flattering

Relaxed fit, feels soft to the skin, blush of a color, very flattering. Wore it with joggings and velvet jeans. Open V décolleté neckline is truly charming

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’5 | Weight: 157 lb | Bust: 40D

I love the color and it feels so cozy

Love the color. I wore it 12 days and slept with it on 2! It feels cozy, but was not warm enough for the really cold temperatures like 40's and below. I had some really cold days in the Grand Canyon and the desert 🏜 I would try a small. It was a little big and long so I am thinking a small light fit me better. It doesn't smell and is still great. A little silly, but I will wash it as I am on my last flight home today. It has been from Phoenix to California

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

Summer Scoop Neck
Beverly F.
The sweater fits perfectly and I love the its color

The sweater fits perfectly. I love the light blue color. I wear it with jeans or a skirt or shorts. I love the sweater !

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 126 lb | Bust: 35"

Summer Crew Neck
Mary Jane A.
The sweater is super soft

The sweater was super soft I have worn it with dress pants under a blazer it is light enough for that. I can see wearing it separately out to diner. It has a very stylish not over sized fit. I love it

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’7| Weight: 180 lb

It's by far the most comfortable sweater I own

By far the most comfortable sweater I own. Can be dressy or casual and it’s made from seaweed !

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’9 | Weight: 158 lb | Bust: 38"

All-Season Crew Neck
Christiana R.
The size is a nice fit and its light grey color is lovely

This sweater is so comfortable. I’m in Arizona this time of year and I am now packing it up for spring in Montana. Perfect weight for me. The size is a nice fit, I didn’t want a baggy sweater so I can layer it in the winter. The light grey color is soft and lovely, goes with everything. I wear it with jean, leggings and sweatpants. The brand resonates with me because I am all about having less unnecessary clothing that I don’t really wear or like. This sweater is one I wear. No pilling or weird stretching with wear. Even the arms stay nice looking wear after wear. Thank you. I’m glad I bought it.

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 125 lb | Bust: 34"

It feels very soft

It fits me a little bit tight. I wore it without anything underneath. It feels very soft. I fund the color a little pale. I think you're doing a good job there.

Size Ordered: XL | Typical Size: XL | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’9 | Weight: 198 lb | Bust: 42"

This sweater breathes so well and it's very comfortable and versatile

I originally came across Oliver Charles when looking for a capsule travel wardrobe for an upcoming trip to Scotland and Ireland. The summer sweater seemed like a versatile choice. When my seaweed sweater arrived, it wasn’t as soft to the touch as I had expected. This was especially worrisome because my skin is quite sensitive. I was happily surprised when I wore the sweater; scratchiness never crossed my mind. It was so comfortable. I love the color (heathered brown) and the versatility. I can dress it up or down, wear it in the mountains, or to a show. After six days, it still looks brand new and smells as clean as its first day. The choice of a summer lightweight sweater was easy for me because I run very warm. Even in the winter, I’m unlikely to choose a sweater, but this sweater is different. It breathes so well, I am always comfortable. My original travel sweater has become a staple and the beginning of a plan for more enduring and sustainable clothing.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

Love that it didn't have seams

I loved that this sweater didn't have seams, which tend to irritate my skin. The sweater was initially a little itchy, however at the end of the challenge it was soft and not bothersome at all. I love that even after wearing it for over 24 hours it didn't smell or appear wrinkled! The sweater is a nice weight and has a flattering fit.

Size Ordered: M| Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’6 | Weight: 190 lb | Bust: 34"

Soft, squishy, and held up to my week's wear

Love my US Merino Crew Neck sweater! It is soft, squishy, and held up to my week's wear very well. I was concerned at first that it would pill a lot or easily snag. But neither of those became issues. I usually prefer a simple design for my staple pieces, and this knit is beautiful. Washing it was easy, though honestly I only washed it because I wanted to see how it would go. It didn't actually need to be washed yet. I am a believer in the slow fashion movement and enjoy high-quality garments that will last a long time. This sweater fits right in and I look forward to wearing it for years to come.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’10 | Weight: 145 lb | Bust: 35.5"

This could have been custom made!

I have kept my wardrobe simple for years, simple but never marginal. And I learned long ago that artificial fibres just don't feel as good, last as long, or hang on the body the same way. So a recent frustration was when I ordered a "merino" v-neck sweater online, without carefully checking the fine print, and ended up with one that was 48% acrylic! My fault, I guess. Anyway, I was thrilled to get one that is 75% merino and 25% khullu rather than acrylic, and made in the US rather than China. It is so much softer, springier, and importantly, warmer! It also fits wonderfully. I have a 34" sleeve size and the men's Large is perfect, unlike many foreign-made garments. The shoulders are right and the sleeves come just to my wrists, neither to short nor too long. This could have been custom made! I didn't know I was so boringly average :^)

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect
Height: 6’ | Weight: 175 lb | Bust: 40.5"

I intend to take the Khullu to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

The Khullu Merino is a great number: it is certainly warm but not stifling. It is lightweight so you don't imagine it is as warm as it is. That is not to say it is too warm for a heated room, but perfect if you want to go out in 50 degree weather with just a sweater and a turtleneck. It can be dressed up or down, according to how you want to look. Blue is a great color for adding scarves and other details. I haven't tried it with a skirt, but then again I don't wear too many of them. Although I know a lot of your models are not retired folk, older people like myself can wear these sweaters with flare. I intend to take the Khullu to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan where I work as an archaeologist every summer. It is cool up there sometimes and this will be a lightweight warm sweater which will be good in higher altitudes and when the weather is a bit chilly.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’2 | Bust: 34"

Winter Cable Knit
Whitney H.
Helped me pack lighter

I was looking for a warm sweater that wouldn't make me sweat or be itchy. Though I live in GA, we can get some very cold, wet, dreary winter days. Also, I had a trip to the Pacific NW planned and wanted to be able to minimize what I packed.

Since I'm pear-shaped, I was skeptical that the bottom of the sweater would fit well, especially since this is a unisex sweater. The sweater ended up fitting me well. Over the week in the PNW, it stretched downwards a little, which was great. I like it best when layered over a thin base layer since it is a bit itchy but I l haven’t washed it, so who knows how much it will soften after that. Pilling is minimal even wearing a purse crossbody quite a lot over 7 days. I was surprised that I didn't sweat a lot when I was wearing it in temps below 55. I also appreciated that it did not pick up smells from the restaurants I frequented while wearing it.

Overall, I think this has been a good purchase and has definitely made me rethink whether I need as many items of clothing. It also helped me pack lighter, which made it possible to fit more souveniers in my suitcase!

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 142 lb | Bust: 34"

Possibly the best quality sweater I've ever owned

I was optimistic when I received my sweater, because right out of the package it impressed me with the smooth, soft finish of the fabric, as well as the exceptional quality of the knit.

I was expecting my sweater to shed - it did, but just the very smallest amount. I expected my sweater to pill - after TEN days of wearing it, there is not one pill anywhere! I thought that - even though my sweater is quite large - it might stretch out some. When I folded it last night and looked at it closely, it looks as if it's never been worn. I don't know if it's because of something about yak, or about Oliver Charles, this is possibly the best quality sweater I've ever owned! I will be able to donate a number of sweaters that aren't as comfortable, as high-quality, as attractive...

If you feel like you have too many clothes, and you would like to have a smaller, more gorgeous wardrobe, Oliver Charles sweaters are where you should start!

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’4 | Weight: 160 lb | Bust: 36G

It's a great all-around sweater

Great all around sweater! Soft and durable, I really liked the fit and style of the waffle knit as it can go from office to outdoors without pause. Add to that the quality and sustainably and you have a wonderful wardrobe staple for years to come.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Ran Slightly Large
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 180 lb | Bust: 36D

The material and color is gorgeous

I was surprised that the cardigan did not have buttons even though it clearly does not from the photos. I did get used to it pretty quickly. The color is absolutely gorgeous, as is the material. I can’t wait to travel with it, either. Like many, I did find the cost a little prohibitive, but my curiosity got the better of me. Overall, it’s worth supporting a small business trying to make a dent in the wall of fast fashion and ecologically problematic textile manufacturing.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’7 | Weight: 157 lb | Bust: 38"