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Become An Oliver Charles Sweater Field Tester

Test an Oliver Charles sweater, give feedback, and it's free.

Celebrate The Freeing #Repeat Movement

The idea that when we find outfits we love, we wear them over and over again isn’t a revelation. In fact, there’s a term for it called your “personal uniform”, which has been reported on by publications such as Vox, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Let's celebrate the shift away from environmentally unsustainable fast fashion and towards #repeat styles.

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Wear An OC Sweater For Our Challenges

This could be where you start to pare down your wardrobe and find pieces that work best for you.

Test Our Materials And #Repeat

Test our sweater, our materials, and 3D-knitting. There’s no one better than you to collaborate with.

There’s a Sweater In It For you

If your application is selected and you complete the challenge, your new sweater is free.


If selected to be a Field Tester, we'll invite you to take the 1-Week Challenge:

  • Join our Facebook group, and post why you're taking the challenge.
  • Wear your sweater for 1-week straight. We have great style recs.
  • Document it by posting 7 pictures or videos. 1 per day.
  • Create a short unboxing video upon receiving your sweater.
  • Complete the 1-Week Challenge within 30 days of receiving the sweater.
  • Read participation agreement here.