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Celebrate The Freeing #Repeat Movement

The idea that when we find outfits we love, we wear them over and over again isn’t a revelation. In fact, there’s a term for it called your “personal uniform”, which has been reported on by publications such as Vox, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Let's celebrate the shift away from environmentally unsustainable fast fashion and towards #repeat styles.

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Test our sweater, our materials, and 3D-knitting. There’s no one better than you to collaborate with.

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If your application is selected and you complete the 1-Week Challenge, your new sweater is free.


After signing up, we'll send you an application. It's pretty quick - we want to know what sweater you're most interested in testing. We also want to know why you're interested in becoming a field tester. 

It depends on the application, but in general, we're looking for people who share a belief in our mission, want to help us make the best go-to sweaters possible, and want to help educate our community about the sweaters/share what we're working on.

We review applications every day, and we'll follow up with you in about a week. We accept 2 people each month to field test our sweaters. We'll always keep you updated on who is taking the challenge and the feedback we receive.

OLIVER CHARLES - Merino & Yak Wool Khullu - Antimicrobial Odor-Resistant Thermoregulating Sustainable Natural Wool Material

Yak Wool, What's So Special About It?

Ideal for #repeat wear because of its comfort, durability, and antimicrobial properties.


Wear all the time. Our materials don't trap odor.

Machine Washable

Easy to care for, while rarely needing a wash.


Our materials are similar in hand-feel to cashmere.


More breathable than cashmere & lambswool.


Yak naturally weather cold -40° F winters.


Far better for the planet than synthetics.

Your Go-To

3D-Knit = 0 Seams

Greater mobility and comfort is why astronauts wear 3D-knits in space.

Made From Khullu

The soft down wool of high elevation Tibetan yak has super powers.

Lasts A Lifetime

Timeless go-to sweater you'll want to own for years. Backed for life.