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3d-knitting "WHOLEGARMENT®"

The best manufacturing innovation since the 1860s sewing machine. 

the future of knitwear.

WHOLEGARMENT® is a manufacturing technology that creates the whole garment in a single process. Take the sweater example. Unlike traditional cut and sew, WHOLEGARMENT® produces the sweater in its entirety, increasing durability while eliminating both excess waste and irritating seams.

Japanese manufacturer Shima Seiki brought the first WHOLEGARMENT® 3D-knitting machine into operation in 2015. Designs are input into a knitting machine by skilled programers. The garment production is then automated with 3D knitting and finally hand-finished.


Smooth, continuous knit construction.

<1% Waste

Knit as one entire piece. No wasted materials.


10% lighter without added seam weight.


People are living and working longer, spending more hours in the (at home) office, and looking for clothing that intersects comfort, durability, and style. We know that the average American throws away about 80 lbs of clothes each year - but we also know that they don’t particularly want to.

With WHOLEGARMENT®, consumers can expect a comfortable, durable seamless garment with an increased range in motion and lightweight fit. The 3D technology also enables precision fit, so there’s less concern over unexpected size discrepancy and the risk of stretch.

WHOLEGARMENT® manufactured clothing also checks the personal values box: it’s cleaner for the environment and it promotes US-based manufacturing.

3d-knitting vs. cut & sew

COMFORTForms to your body.
Irritating seams interfere with stretch and fit.
WEIGHT10% lighter without seams.Reinforced stitching is heavy
DURABILITY360° stretch + no faulty seams. Error-prone stitching = tears.
<1% waste.21% waste.
TECHNOLOGYFuture of knitwear.Century-old, but improving.


According to the Guardian, “the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, 20% of all wastewater, and consumes more energy than the airline and shipping industries combined”.

The numbers speak for themselves. According to Tailored Industry, one of the leading 3D-knitting manufacturers in the United States, their 3D knit, WHOLEGARMENT® approach reduces CO2 emissions by 50%. It also reduces their electrical usage by 43% and their material waste by 93%.*

*Disclaimer: our sweaters are 3D-knit by Tailored Industry.

WHOLEGARMENT® is a registered trademark of Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd.

The Best Manufacturing Innovation Since the 1860s Sewing Machine

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