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1-Week Challenge: Hustling In Style With An Everyday Sweater

From the break of dawn to late-night feeding maneuvers, this sweater is in it for the bustle.
March 7, 2024
By Selina Steiger

Getting Snowed On In My Yak Wool Sweater

A snowy adventure awaits! Introducing the 1st blog in my 3-part blog series about how my Oliver Charles sweater keeps me warm in freezing temperatures.

From a week of hustling, doing chores, and balancing work, to dog sledding out on the trail, to finally winding down for a cozy evening in a coffee shop – you better believe this sweater goes through it all!


A busy week ahead, I find myself hustling through my to-do list. I wake up at 5 am to get a head start on my day, but I still find myself looking for more time.

This is especially true during the Winter months when I'm juggling my writing, work, daily chores, and training sled dogs.

Because my work is odd and all over the place, I usually need to change outfits multiple times a day to fit every occasion. And so it happens that I either pack too few clothes or too many; Dress either too warm or too cold.

I’m looking for a way to make my work week a little less hectic.

Now, this is where my Oliver Charles sweater comes into play. A sweater that looks stylish yet comfortable enough to be worn repeatedly for an entire week.

Upon unpacking my sweater, I was in awe of the beautiful Emerald Blue color. Its carefully woven patterns and soft, seamless wool had me examining every inch of the fabric while pinching myself every few seconds to ensure I wasn’t dreaming.

Trying the sweater on for the first time had me dancing around my living room. I felt light as a feather! I imagine this is what Cinderella must have felt when she first stepped into her beautiful ball gown. But even though the sweater looked and felt like perfection, I still had doubts. How long will the magic last? Hopefully past midnight?

Hustling In Style With A Modern Sweater Part 1 - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:798b0aaa-af1e-495a-85dc-539ca9fb8c5b
Hustling In Style With A Modern Sweater Part 2 - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:8b0aaaaf-1eb9-4a45-9c53-9ca9fb8c5b5e

Keeping It Simple Yet Stylish In My Everyday Sweater

I get dressed and go out the door. For once, I don’t have to decide on outfits and carry multiple bags to and from my car to be equipped for the day. No, this time, it’s easy because I’m wearing my Oliver Charles sweater.

I spent the week going after my to-do list like I usually do, matching my sweater with either a pair of work jeans, comfy leggings, or my baggy snow pants. The convenience of styling it provided me with the luxury of being ready in only a few minutes.

I allowed myself to snooze for 10-15 minutes every morning, cherished a few extra doggie kisses before work, and even had time to squeeze in more coffee throughout the day. By the end of the day, I still felt fresh and energized enough to run errands in town and head to the gym afterward.

I was afraid my sweater would start to smell because I sweat a lot. But after completing my 1-Week Challenge, there wasn’t even a whiff of odor.

My husband can confirm this. Even after spending a morning shoveling my snowy driveway, the sweater still smelled great. And this is not magic!

Even though I like to believe it is. But because of the properties of yak wool and its being so breathable that it refuses to trap moisture or sweat, the sweater stayed dry and odor repentant no matter what I did.

Keeping It Simple Yet Stylish In My Everyday Sweater Part 1.jpg__PID:aaaf1eb9-5a45-4c53-9ca9-fb8c5b5e95a1
Keeping It Simple Yet Stylish In My Everyday Sweater Part 2.jpg__PID:af1eb95a-45dc-439c-a9fb-8c5b5e95a1a6

Wrapping Up The Week With A Glass Of Wine

I like to pour myself a glass of wine every Friday evening. And it’s also date night! The perfect end to a busy week. I can now relax and spend some quality time with my husband.

We like to get somewhat ready on date nights, even if this means staying in and ordering pizza. Opting for comfort with a hint of elegance, I matched my sweater with my favorite jeans and topped it off with some jewelry.

After an entire week of testing the sweater, to say I'm impressed is an understatement. On the first day, I spilled a splotch of grapefruit juice on myself. Something I feared would happen. But to my surprise, my sweater was fine.

The stain dried off instantly and magically disappeared after. What also surprised me was that the yak wool didn't itch my skin.

Wrapping Up The Week With A Glass Of Wine.jpg__PID:b95a45dc-539c-49fb-8c5b-5e95a1a645c7

My Yak Wool Sweater Will Last A Long, Long Time

By the end of the week, the sweater still felt soft and comfortable. No scratching at the neckline– nothing!

Now, did the magic of the sweater last past midnight? You bet it did! My fairy godmother really outdid herself with this one.

And this is why people invest in a sustainable wardrobe: quality lasts. You can match the sweater with almost anything, making it so easy to style when on the go.

It will be perfect for everyone leading a busy and active lifestyle. I know I will wear my Oliver Charles sweater a lot more in the future.

Photos by
- Janet Grass Photography
- Fynn-Jo Steiger 

Selina Steiger is a storyteller. She loves to write and share ideas about anything and everything! She's active on Instagram, sharing weekly newsletters with her followers every Sunday. She's also writing on platforms like Medium, Quora, and

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