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The 1-Week Sweater Challenge: Sustainable Style

How my Oliver Charles All-Season V-Neck Sweater became an integral piece in my wardrobe.
February 15, 2024
By Elizabeth Ramsey

Minimalism Is Not Monotonous

Introducing the first part of my 3-part blog series about outfit repeating. This post is about taking the 1-Week Sweater Challenge in an Oliver Charles All-Season V-Neck sweater and how I changed my look throughout the week.

I wore my Oliver Charles All-Season V-Neck Sweater for a week. And I look forward to wearing it as long as I can! Check out how the sweater represents the kind of value and excellence that I look for when adding pieces to my capsule wardrobe.

The 1-Week Sweater Challenge: First Impressions

Working with a capsule wardrobe isn’t a new concept for me! In fact, I pride myself on having a smaller wardrobe comprised of fewer but better things. However, I’m much more accustomed to repeating the bottoms in my closet than the tops.

The 1-Week Sweater Challenge seemed intriguing. Could I come up with enough different looks to keep from getting bored? Would the sweater be warm/cool enough for our fickle Northeast Ohio sweater? Would I start to feel less than fresh after a week of continuous wear? These were the questions I had in mind on the day my Oliver Charles All-Season Sweater arrived.

Unwrapping the sweater, I was immediately smitten with the incredible Emerald Blue color! It’s deeply saturated, so pretty, and reminds me of the sea. The sweater was soft to the touch and a versatile, mid-weight that can be layered or worn alone.

Unboxing My Oliver Charles Sweater.jpg__PID:f0b9a540-a564-4ad2-a0cb-2e7a382c2eb9

I’d read that Oliver Charles sweaters are crafted with a 3D-knitting machine, but it was so cool to see that result in person!

There are no seams in the sweater at all. Like zero. None. And the underarm area features a small triangle of a wider knit, similar to that of a pointelle stitch. I’m guessing this is for enhanced breathability and wicking. It feels like a top-quality product on every level.

I was impressed to learn that 3D-knitting also supports sustainable style initiatives. With an efficiency rate of 99%, this means less landfill waste. The lightweight nature of 3D-knit products further reduces the carbon footprint of this textile.

Now that my sweater has arrived, I can’t wait to get started with the 1-Week Sweater Challenge!

One Comfortable Sweater That Encompasses Many Looks

The first couple days of the challenge started as so many do – as work-from-home days! During the colder months, this usually means jeans/pants and a sweater or workout wear with a sweater on top for warmth.

If I put workout clothes on in the morning, there’s no reason not to do a workout that day! I also find that having a daily work-at-home uniform helps to simplify my life and allows me to spend more time on the things that matter the most to me.

My Typical Work From Home Look.jpg__PID:b05f898b-e04f-41f9-96bd-2bf2104a7652
One Comfortable Sweater That I Can Wear To The Gym.jpg__PID:5f898be0-4f71-4916-bd2b-f2104a76520d

Later in the week, I had a few errands to run one day, and on another, I had a quick meeting with a former employer. It was really fun getting to style the sweater after a couple of days of very casual at-home looks. By layering a shirt underneath, adding a necklace, and pairing it with a black ankle-crop pant, I think I came up with a nice business casual look!

Running Errands While Wearing My Sweater.jpg__PID:3ef30136-39bb-4a5e-9c9c-b627a4bac7e8
Sporting My Sweater In A Quick Meeting.jpg__PID:f3013639-bb1a-4edc-9cb6-27a4bac7e8ba

By the time Friday rolled around, my husband and I were ready to get out of the house and I decided to try a trick I’d seen on TikTok – the twist tuck.

By twisting the sweater in front and then tucking just that portion into jeans, it gave the sweater a slightly more cropped, fitted look. After adding boots and a moto, I was ready to roll!

A Friday Night Casual Look With My Sweater.jpg__PID:1abe623e-f301-4639-bb1a-5edc9cb627a4

On the weekend, I attend a class on Saturday mornings, and on Sundays, we typically take the dog out for an extended walk. It was so great to see the sun and have some warmer temps after being in single digits the week prior!

Attending My Saturday Class.jpg__PID:be623ef3-0136-49bb-9a5e-dc9cb627a4ba
Walking My Dog.jpg__PID:013639bb-1a5e-4c9c-b627-a4bac7e8bac6

Final Thoughts on the Oliver Charles All-Season Sweater

After taking the 1-Week Sweater Challenge, I can fully attest to this sweater’s quality and versatility! It’s such a soft, warm, and well-constructed piece that gets bonus points for its low impact on the environment.

And, while I wouldn’t normally wear the same top for a week in a row, it was surprisingly easy to come up with a variety of different looks.

Going forward, I can see that this sweater will have an integral place in my wardrobe, particularly during the winter months!

It’s also an ideal piece for travel; warm, light-weight, and layer-able without being too bulky for my “carry-on only” style of packing.

In summary, Oliver Charles represents the kind of value and excellence that I look for when adding pieces to my capsule wardrobe.

If you are looking to embrace a more sustainable style by paring down your wardrobe to a select number of exceptional and adaptable pieces, don’t hesitate to add the All-Season Sweater to your cart!

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Betsy Ramsey is the founder and content creator behind NattyGal, a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blog for women over 40.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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