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Three Reasons To Embrace A Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Simplifying your wardrobe towards a more amplified and fulfilled life.
February 22, 2024
By Elizabeth Ramsey

Minimalism Is Not Monotonous

Introducing the second part of my 3-part blog series about outfit repeating. In this blog, I’m going to be talking about three powerful benefits of embracing closet minimalism.

As mentioned in my first blog, a smaller but better wardrobe is already a part of my life. If you’re starting to curate your own minimal capsule wardrobe, I certainly hope that the three points that I’ll cover can also help you embrace minimalism and slow fashion even more.

Three Reasons To Embrace Closet Minimalism

As a long-time blogger and proponent of both minimalism and a simpler lifestyle, I’m no stranger to the concept of a capsule wardrobe and #repeat outfits. By relying on a uniform, I save time each day when it comes to deciding what to wear.

With that time, I can focus more productively on my work tasks as well as my personal interests.

Furthermore, packing is a breeze when we hit the road (as we often do)!

Today I’m sharing 3 powerful reasons why I rely on a smaller, better wardrobe and how you can benefit from embracing minimalism too!

Having A Personal Uniform Allows You To Be More Productive

My interest in capsule wardrobing was piqued when I read an article about Barack Obama. In it, he stated that he only ever wore either a grey or navy suit.

His rationale was to avoid decision fatigue. With so many high-stakes issues being faced each day, he decided to eliminate the trivial by routinizing both his wardrobe and meal choices.

Since reading that article, I’ve learned that having a uniform is a tactic used by many successful people to free their time from inconsequential decisions so that they can focus their time on more productive matters.

Steve Jobs, Ellen DeGeneres, and Mark Zuckerburg are all examples of leaders in their fields who rely on a daily uniform of some sort or repeat outfits. The same technique works for everyday folk as well.

My typical daily uniform, workout gear layered with a sweater - Oliver Charles

With A Smaller Wardrobe, You Will Look Better

Everyone wants to look their best, right? It may sound counter-intuitive, but by culling your wardrobe and repeating outfits, you’ll look better and develop a signature style! You may already be doing this unconsciously.

Various studies show that people typically only wear about 20% of the clothing they own. I believe that is because we naturally gravitate to the few pieces that we love and feel wonderful in.

Furthermore, by reducing the number of pieces you own, you’ll have more money to invest in quality fabrics and construction. I’m proud to boast a small, high-quality wardrobe of pieces that I love, like this beautiful All-Season Sweater from Oliver Charles.

Made from the downy wool of high-elevation yak, this sweater is both soft, durable, and machine-washable. And the soothing but cheerful emerald-blue color brings a smile to my face!

My OC All Season Sweater in Blue - Oliver Charles

What’s more, this wool is known for both its temperature-regulating and odor-resistant qualities, making it a perfect candidate for #repeat wear.

In Northeast Ohio, where we can experience four seasons in one day, the need for temperature-regulating clothing is no joke! That’s also a feature I appreciate when traveling.

The perfect workleisure sweater - Oliver Charles
Going On A Night Out With My OC Sweater Cropped - Oliver Charles

#Repeat Outfits Decrease Stress And Clutter

I won’t lie! Personally, this is my favorite reason for embracing #repeat outfits. Clutter is something that I find both distracting and anxiety-inducing.

By embracing minimalism, including a smaller wardrobe, I’ve greatly reduced both visual distractions and anxiety.

Life feels so much more enjoyable now that I’m not always worrying about when to clean up this or that pile or purge through a slew of unworn things in my closet.

The visual bliss of a simple, well-chosen wardrobe - Oliver Charles

The Slow Fashion Movement

Beyond the obvious environmental impact, minimalism has many other tangible benefits. A smaller wardrobe leads to less stress and clutter and frees up your time to focus on the things that matter most to you. Best yet, you’ll look better and truly love every item you wear!

So how about it? Are you ready to join me in simplifying your wardrobe and amplifying your life?

Elizabeth Ramsey is the founder and content creator behind NattyGal, a fashion, lifestyle, and travel blog for women over 40.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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