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7 Day Sweater Challenge: Embracing Life’s Layers

A journey through comfort, identity, and the unexpected twists of everyday style.
May 2, 2024
By Leslie Ginnes

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Introducing the first blog in my 3-part blog series about the dynamic relationship between our clothes and our lives. This blog is about my personal journey with a new go-to, the Oliver Charles sweater, and how it integrates into my daily activities, reflecting my identity and the fluidity of my work-from-home lifestyle.

From eagerly opening the package to styling it for work and braving the unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather, this piece of clothing becomes more than just an item in my wardrobe—it becomes a partner in my day-to-day experiences.


My 7 Day Challenge journey began on a cool Monday evening as my much-anticipated Oliver Charles package arrived. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I excitedly opened my package to discover not just a sweater, but a beautifully packaged Yak Wool Sweater, nestled inside a handy canvas tote.

Trying it on, the fit was impeccable, instantly feeling both comfortable and stylish—a perfect start to my 7 Day Sweater Challenge.

 Unboxing My New Yak Wool Sweater - Oliver Charles

Day 2: Work From Home In Style

On the second day of the 7 Day Challenge, my home office was where my sweater made its true debut. As a remote professional with virtual meetings lined up, adding a touch of jewelry seamlessly elevated my look, blending comfort with a hint of professionalism.

My Light Grey All-Season Sweater paired with pops of color made for an effortlessly chic, (and comfortable) ensemble, perfect for a productive day indoors.

Comfort in Unpredictability - Oliver Charles

Day 3: Braving The Unpredictable Pacific Northwest

The third day brought the unpredictable weather of the Pacific Northwest into play. I ventured out, pairing my trusty sweater with Converse sneakers and a tailored long jacket, striking a balance between smart and casual.

Despite the thermometer's promise of a warm day, the chilly air proved otherwise, but my yak wool sweater kept me comfortably warm throughout the day's adventures.

A Yak Wool Sweater's Versatility - Oliver Charles

Day 4: A Yak Wool Sweater's Versatility

On day 4, as the weather turned once again, I styled my sweater with a skirt to add a feminine touch to its gender-neutral design. The day warmed up only to bring rain by evening.

Despite getting caught in a downpour and arriving at a dinner engagement quite damp, my sweater remained a cozy shield against the brisk walk and the bustling, crowded café.

Balancing Smart And Casual - Oliver Charles

Day 5: A Spring Tease And Hummingbirds

Greeted by a false spring, I chose to match my sweater with a wintery, dusky purple long-sleeved top peeking out at the wrists, creating a layered look that was both practical and stylish. I re-used the same jeans from earlier in the week, changing only my shoes to refresh the outfit entirely.

The highlight of my day was preparing sugar water for the hummingbirds, a serene moment amidst the hustle of my busy schedule.

Embracing the Elements - Oliver Charles
Styling For False Springs - Oliver Charles

Day 6: Family Time And The Ever-Softening Sweater

My sweater grew softer with each wear, proving perfect for a family visit and a walk with my daughter and her dog. The comfort of the yak wool became more apparent; I can wear it happily close to my skin.

The fluctuating weather of grey skies and sudden hail storms tested my sweater's versatility, yet it remained an unfaltering companion through it all.

Living And Gardening In A Comfortable Yak Wool Sweater - Oliver Charles

Day 6: Living and Gardening in Comfort

On the final day, my sweater proved its worth beyond outdoor adventures. Donning an apron over my sweater, I tended to my indoor garden, performing what I affectionately termed "surgery" on my houseplants.

My All-Season Sweater had not only survived the week with style and grace but had become a staple in my daily life, blending seamlessly into every activity, from the mundane to the memorable.

Leslie Ginnes is a reflective storyteller and creative soul, weaving the threads of her experiences into narratives that explore the depth of human resilience and the power of creativity.

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7 Day Sweater Challenge: Embracing Life’s Layers

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