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Working From Home: What I Can Wear Day After Day

Working from home doesn’t have to mean working from pajamas.
August 10, 2023
By Alyssa Hodenfield

Balancing Comfort, Performance, And Professionalism

I'm excited to introduce a 3-part blog series about how the Oliver Charles sweater transformed my work-from-home wardrobe. The sweater struck the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and professionalism.

I wore it every day for a week. I'm still wearing it all the time, and the more I do, the more comfortable it becomes. See why it's part of my work-week daily routine and a must-pack on my weekend adventures.


I started working from home, as many did, in March 2020. I had never worked from home before and was used to wearing a business casual wardrobe when I worked in the office.

I quickly realized that I had no idea what I should wear while working from home. My business casual clothes didn’t make sense anymore. It became easy to roll out of bed, throw on the first t-shirt or sweatshirt I saw and take the 10-step commute to my desk in the living room.

This was great for a while. Dressing in sweats was very comfortable, but my motivation was lacking. I found my personal style slipping away in the mix of college sweatshirts and baggy sweatpants.

I left my job and started working for myself as a videographer and video editor. I desperately wanted to find clothes that felt like me but also allowed me to be comfortable enough to sit at my desk for a full day of editing.

That’s when I came across Oliver Charles sweaters. And when I tried on my sweater for the first time, I knew it was the perfect match.

Casually Taking A Selfie With My Sweater - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:e718c739-5f88-4628-9464-3071cdf0205e
Wearing My Sweater While Editing - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:395f88f6-28d4-4430-b1cd-f0205e99bf6a

A Workleisure Sweater Perfect For a Cozy Work Day

I mentioned those days full of editing. On those days, I make a huge pot of coffee and settle in at my desk for hours and hours of sitting. I really love these days. I’ve made them cozy, so what I wear when I sit down to edit is very important.

It’s become so important for me to feel like myself while doing the work I love because if we don’t feel like ourselves, it reflects in our work. This is also why I ordered the Emerald Blue All-Season Sweater. I found myself buying so many neutrals, and none of them hit the mark. My personality craved color, and this blue was just what I was looking for.

Often I find myself grabbing my Oliver Charles sweater, pairing it with some leggings, and getting to work. This allows me to be comfortable at my desk all day but also provides me with that sense of style I desperately crave, even if I’m the only one who’s going to see my outfit that day.

Wearing My Sweater On A Shoot - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:c7395f88-f628-4464-b071-cdf0205e99bf
My Workleisure Sweater - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:31a78d73-b258-4d23-bed3-2645a3ca8af4

My New Go-To Everyday Sweater Only from Oliver Charles

Of course, there are days when I’m not editing, and on these days, I’m much more active. Oftentimes I’m out on a shoot, so my wardrobe has to be functional, too.

I live in Colorado, so many of my video shoots are outside. My Oliver Charles sweater has been perfect for these because it does well in both cold and warm weather due to its yak wool. The 3D-knit vents in the armpit area keep me nice and cool when I’m out on a hot day, and the wool ensures I stay nice and warm on those cooler days.

The sweater also goes with basically everything. I’ve worn it over a dress for shoots when I needed to be a bit more dressed up. I’ve worn it with jeans when the shoot required more durable clothing. And I’ve worn it with slacks for those in-between days. It truly goes with everything.

I never have to second guess what I’m going to wear when I head out with my camera. I know my Oliver Charles sweater is the right choice for any situation.

Alyssa Hodenfield is a creative living in Denver, Colorado. Her passions include videography and writing, and she enjoys doing just about anything outside.

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