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Minimalist Wardrobe: Khullu Sweater On A Colorado Adventure

The sweater I needed for all of my activities in the Mile High City.
December 14, 2023
By Allysa Hodenfield

Balancing Comfort, Performance, And Professionalism

Introducing the 3rd blog in my 3-part blog series about how the Oliver Charles sweater transformed my work-from-home wardrobe. The sweater struck the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and professionalism.

This blog in the series is about my experience wearing the Oliver Charles sweater throughout a typical Colorado day. From starting the day with an active hike at Red Rocks, where the sweater kept me warm and fresh, to working at a local coffee shop without needing to change clothes, and finally enjoying dinner at Blue Moon Brewing Company while receiving compliments on the sweater's color and fit.

The versatility and comfort of the Oliver Charles sweater made it an ideal choice for my Colorado lifestyle.


I moved to Denver, Colorado, about three years ago and have learned a lot about the Colorado lifestyle during my time here.

It’s true what they say about the sunshine; most days feature blue skies and outdoor activities.

A day spent completely inside is a rare occasion.

I often get out for a run, walk, or hike on the nearby trails. It’s also totally normal to return from a hike and head straight to a coffee shop, restaurant, or brewery in Denver.

My wardrobe has to feature staples that can span an entire day because who wants to pack multiple outfits for a day? That’s why I've been in love with my Oliver Charles sweater. It's the most versatile piece of clothing I own - light, warm, comfy, easy to care for, and goes with everything, though I usually just throw it on with jeans.

Hiking With My Oliver Charles Yak Wool Sweater - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:23e59463-d0db-41d9-bdd1-a00f76ac3ab8

Wearing My Yak Wool Sweater To Start My Day

Remember that active lifestyle I mentioned? There’s no better place to experience that than Red Rocks. The park features multiple hiking trails and the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. It was a beautiful Colorado morning, so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to take a quick hike around Red Rocks.

The sun was shining, but there was a bit of December chill in the air, so I needed a layer that would not only keep me warm but also keep me from getting sweaty. (Remember, we want to keep the outfit changes to a minimum).

My Oliver Charles sweater was the perfect choice for the hike. I wasn’t even a little cold, thanks to the yak wool, and the sweater’s armpit ventilation ensured I stayed fresh, not sweaty.

Hanging Out On A Cafe Wearing My Yak Wool Sweater - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:e123e594-63d0-4b61-997d-d1a00f76ac3a

Transitioning From Play To Work In My Everyday Sweater

From Red Rocks, I headed to a local coffee shop to get some work done. In the past, I would have thought to bring a change of clothes, but today it wasn’t necessary. Even though I’d exerted myself on the hike, I was still more comfortable than ever, and my sweater was dry and fresh.

I could hang out at the coffee shop for a few hours and get tons of work done without even having to think about what I was wearing. Now THAT’s what I call comfort.

Ending The Day With My Sweater.jpg__PID:1ee123e5-9463-40db-a1d9-7dd1a00f76ac

Versatile Wool Base Layer From Day To Night

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a true Colorado day without a brewery visit. I had family in town visiting, so I took them to dinner at Blue Moon Brewing Company. Since most of my attire stays pretty casual from day to night, I could wear my Oliver Charles sweater to dinner with just the addition of a necklace.

My family complimented me on the sweater’s beautiful blue color and flattering fit and even asked where they could get a sweater of their own!

So there you have it, a typical Colorado day! And I could enjoy all of my activities while wearing the perfect everyday, all-day sweater.

Allysa Hodenfield is a creative living in Denver, Colorado. Her passions include videography and writing, and she enjoys doing just about anything outside.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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