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All-Season Cardigan: Benefits Of Investing In Quality Staples

Paving a sustainable path by owning higher quality clothes, wearing them more frequently, and avoiding synthetics.
June 15, 2023
By Victoria Vitale

The Cardigan Sweater: A Timeless Quality Staple

Welcome to the second part of my three-part blog series. Let me take you on a journey into the world of fast fashion and show you its damaging impact on our environment.

It's time we shift our focus to investing in high-quality clothing that lasts. Allow me to introduce you to the All-Season Cardigan—a game-changer.

Join me on my journey with the cardigan, crafted from the most breathable and soft yak wool, 3D-knit specifically for you. As someone who loves incorporating new pieces into my wardrobe, especially ones I can wear every day, I'm excited to share this inspiration with you.


I'm sick of buying clothes and then noticing them fall apart after a few months of wear. In today's world of fast fashion, we often overlook the importance of considering the quality of fabrics and how our choices affect the environment.

However, let me introduce you to a cardigan that stands out and represents the concept of slow fashion. The Oliver Charles All-Season Cardigan is made with high-quality fibers, like yak wool instead of polyester, that are meant to last and provide real value.

It's important to acknowledge the harm of fast fashion and start investing in sustainable clothes that perform better.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition
OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

Why You Should Support Slow Fashion

Nowadays, a lot of clothes are produced using methods that harm both the environment and the people involved in their creation. It's pretty disheartening to witness. Harmful chemicals end up being used in the manufacturing process, and they can find their way into the lungs of the workers while also polluting nearby rivers and soil.

Oliver Charles is doing things differently and making a positive impact. When I choose Oliver Charles, I'm not just getting high-quality everyday sweaters; I'm also making a conscious choice to support the environment. Take their cardigans, for example. They're 3D-knit, which means they have no seams, no wasted fabric, and no wasted inventory.

And let me tell you, these cardigans are made from the softest wool that feels incredibly luxurious yet performs at the highest level. They're crafted to last, so I know I'll enjoy them for a long time to come.

Not only do I look great wearing their clothes, but I also feel good knowing that I'm supporting a brand that's making a positive difference in the world.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

Why Yak Wool Is Better Than Cashmere And How To Support Slow Fashion

Oliver Charles found a way to knit sweaters using high-quality khullu wool. Their new All-Season Cardigan is produced ethically, but it also has little negative impact on the earth. It is incredibly soft like cashmere, moisture-wicking, and durable. And while Oliver Charles yak wool sweaters have the benefits of cashmere, yak wool is significantly more sustainable than cashmere. Yak are low-impact grazing animals, so they feed in a way that does not destroy the land around them, unlike cashmere goats.

As with most things in life, it is important to research before placing your support on any brand. The more we care about how a product is made, the longer we can enjoy a healthier environment.

Fast fashion may never disappear, but remember, change begins with one person spreading the word to others. Let's set the example and pave a new path for fashion, starting with buying higher quality clothes, wearing them more frequently, and avoiding synthetics altogether.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

How Quality Staples Simplify Your Life

I've discovered so many benefits to investing in a high-quality staple that I can wear every day. It has allowed me to declutter my closet, giving me a sense of satisfaction and organization. Not to mention, it has boosted my confidence in what I wear and reduced the amount of laundry I have to tackle.

Having higher quality pieces brings me peace of mind, knowing that I don't have to constantly shop or replace something I've just started to love. It's a great feeling to be proud of all the clothing I wear, and my sweater perfectly reflects the life I want to lead.

Victoria Vitale has a degree in fashion communication and enjoys sharing her experiences. Victoria is here to help you learn and grow your fashion knowledge.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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