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Challenge Details

  • Order an Oliver Charles sweater above - we'll refund 100% of the order as soon as you complete the challenge.
  • We’ll send you a sweater from our first production batch!  
  • Wear our sweater for 1-week straight.  
  • Wear our sweater for at least 8 moving hours each day. Sorry, but sleeping in the sweater doesn’t count. Although it would be cozy.  
  • Document the process by uploading 7 photos. 1 photo for every day.
  • Upon completion create a short video testimonial about your experience with our sweater.

    In the video testimonial, we would like you to go through these topics:

    1. What was your first impression of the sweater?

    2. What did you think of the materials? How did it feel? Did it smell? Was it breathable?

    3. When would you wear this sweater? To the office, out to dinner, on the couch, etc.
  • Complete the 1-Week Challenge within 30 days of receiving the sweater.  
  • Once you've completed the challenge and uploaded your photos, we'll refund 100% of the order and reach out to learn about what we can do to improve our sweaters for our launch.
  • Read full participation agreement here.
What are you waiting for? This should be a fun, personal challenge.

Tag your photos with, #repeat to keep us in the loop, build the community, and inspire others.