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1-Week Sweater Challenge: 7 Different Ways Of Styling A Sustainable Sweater

Solidifying the importance and benefits of cultivating a sustainable wardrobe.
March 14, 2024
By Nicole Findlay

One Sweater For Many Climates

Welcome to the first part of my 3-part blog series highlighting sustainable fashion over fast fashion.

In this blog, I styled one quality and timeless piece, my Charcoal Oliver Charles All-Season Cardigan, in 7 different ways. This sweater, a new staple in my growing sustainable wardrobe, has brought me so much joy and comfort throughout the week.

This challenge really solidified the importance of quality over quantity for me. Follow along as I show how I got creative with a capsule wardrobe and discuss the importance of a more sustainable closet.


My Oliver Charles sweater arrived just in time for me to slip into before picking my son up from school. I quickly unwrapped the package to reveal the Charcoal All-Season Cardigan.

Immediately, I noticed the material’s softness and the yak wool’s beautiful gray tone. I tried it on and couldn’t help but smile. The sweater was lightweight, true to size, and felt both roomy and cozy.

I must admit, I was a little skeptical of the 1-Week Challenge. I worried that wearing the same item of clothing for 7 days might feel a little monotonous. I accepted the challenge to take a step away from fast fashion and toward a more sustainable closet and also because the Oliver Charles sweaters had stellar online reviews. The fact that the reviewers weren’t lying about the comfortableness of the yak wool was pretty thrilling.

One Sweater For Many Climates - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:8df3fdc0-5d75-4858-8fa7-3fc481860cbd

A Sustainable Wardrobe Starts With One Purchase

I felt thankful on my first full day wearing my new Oliver Charles sweater. It’s seriously so comfortable. Upon first impression, I noticed the softness of the material and the fact that the sweater didn’t have any annoying tags or irritating seams or stitches.

To start the challenge, I styled my cardigan with a black tee, black jeans, and black boots. And it wasn’t only me that admired my sweater on its first day out in the world.

While waiting on the streets of San Francisco for my son to exit his elementary school, a fellow parent complimented my sweater, solidifying the fact that my new sweater was as cute as it was comfortable.

A Sustainable Wardrobe Starts With One Purchase - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:fdc05d75-1858-4fa7-bfc4-81860cbdc71a

Capsule Wardrobes Are Easier With Solid Colors

When starting a capsule wardrobe, it’s a good idea to begin with one base color, add neutral essentials, like jeans, and maybe a few pops of color and accessories.

My new Charcoal Oliver Charles sweater is a perfect base color. It goes with everything. On day two, I paired my Charcoal All-Season Cardgian with a solid white tee and my favorite blue jeans. This time, I added my favorite sneakers to the mix.

Walking Along Suttro Tower - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:5d751858-0fa7-4fc4-8186-0cbdc71a1703

There Are No Rules In A Capsule Wardrobe

Cardigans can be worn open or closed, underneath or on top. On the third day of my 1-Week Challenge, I wore the sweater alone, with nothing underneath. It laid nicely and felt comfortable on my skin, even without a shirt underneath.

Tonight, we dined at Fiorella, a little Italian restaurant in the Inner Sunset and one of my favorite family restaurants in the city. My son loves the crayons and color-me-in menu, while my husband and I love the relaxed ambiance! My sweater kept me warm while we shared pizza, pasta, and a bottle of Nero d’Avola.

Versatility Is Key In A Capsule Wardrobe - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:8619d68b-b008-4000-86da-053e0d0c4cf3

Versatility Is Key In A Capsule Wardrobe

Day 4 of my challenge was a busy one. My Oliver Charles sweater stood up to the test. The attire proved to be the perfect sweater for everything from Zoom calls to running errands to taking my dog for a walk.

My Charcoal All-Season Cardigan felt as fresh in the evening as it did when I slipped it on that morning. I’d read online that the Oliver Charles sweaters didn’t trap sweat or odors, and it’s true. After a full, active day, my sweater still felt brand new.

Versatility in a piece of clothing applies to its ability to stay comfortable in various daytime activities, but it also applies to the ability to dress up or down.

On day 5 of my 7-day challenge, I layered my cardigan over a dress and styled it with black tights and my favorite black boots for a date night with my husband. While the cardigan can be casual, it’s also easy to style up if needed. Plus, it offered an extra layer of warmth as the temperatures dropped, which they often do in the city.

Luckily, my Oliver Charles sweater was lightweight enough to wear underneath a raincoat without feeling too bulky but thick enough to keep me cozy on a cold, rainy night.

Oliver Charles Sweater Tag.jpg__PID:8de55862-0f37-4b8b-9024-e8c92d1010cc

Adding Accessories To Spice Up Your Capsule Wardrobe

Accessories are fun. They also help spice up an outfit, transform a look from morning to night, and infuse personality into your wardrobe. On day 6 of my 7-day challenge, I threw my sweater over a silk blouse with a pearl collar.

One of the biggest surprises of my 7-day challenge so far was that by day six, I wasn’t sick of wearing the same sweater every day. Easy to love, my cardigan didn’t wrinkle or have that worn look that day-old clothes sometimes get. I looked forward to slipping into my cozy sweater each morning.

Adding Accessories To Spice Up Your Capsule Wardrobe - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:f3298de5-5862-4f37-ab8b-d024e8c92d10

Final Reflection After 7 Days

On the final and 7th day of the challenge, I simply wore my sweater with yoga pants. It was raining, and luckily, I had a cozy day planned. My Oliver Charles sweater was the ultimate comfortable companion.

I’d like to say I was proud of completing the 7-day challenge, but in fact, getting more out of a key clothing item was much easier than I imagined. The sweater was easy to pair with existing items and has definitely become a staple in my personal uniform. As a bonus, I’m so happy it’s machine washable.

Before taking this challenge, one of my biggest frustrations with my shopping habits was buying fast fashion pieces that look great until you wash them. After the challenge, it’s clear that investing in an Oliver Charles Sweater will have a lower cost per wear price. The past week left such a positive impact — I now feel closer to having a more sustainable closet.

Nicole Findlay is a freelance writer based in San Francisco with published pieces in Explore, The Travel, Wealth of Geeks, Mommy Poppins, Tinybeans, Game of Nerds, Medium, and more. She loves travel, fashion, and learning more about how to make this world a better place.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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