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Minimalist Wardrobe: Less Really Is More

A guide to styling, caring for, and maximizing your Oliver Charles Sweater.
February 1, 2024
By Kate Benz

The Sweater Without The Swelter

Welcome to the 3rd blog in my 3-part blog series about how to style, wear, and put your Summer Sweater to the test. This blog is about how to make the most out of a staple piece in your wardrobe, focusing on its versatility, care, and cost-effectiveness.

I'll share personal insights on how the simplicity and quality of my Summer Sweater has reshaped my approach to fashion, emphasizing the beauty of minimalism and the importance of investing in sustainable, high-quality pieces that stand the test of time.

From styling tips that cater to a range of occasions to advice on maintaining the sweater's integrity through proper care, this blog aims to illustrate not just how to wear the sweater, but how to let it enhance your personal style and ethos in fashion.

The Most Comfortable Sweater

The Summer Sweater I’ve shown you over the past two blogs is simple. It’s not flashy, it’s not super on-trend. It’s classic. But most importantly, it’s beautifully knit.

How it feels on the skin… well, feels beautiful too. It’s an everyday sweater that works with you as your style evolves. Wear it with whatever. It will look good.

This sweater is a blank slate. A new beginning every time I style it. But it’s also… enough. In a weird way, it’s taught me that less really is more. I don’t want 20 sweaters. I want a few good ones that I can wear 20 different ways.

Why I Wear This Summer Sweater Every Day - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:f44f0dc4-d770-4d86-b20c-9770a1bafb6f

I think that’s what I love about Oliver Charles the most. The fact that their sweaters will never end up in one of those “10 Regrettable Fashion Trends from the 2020” blog posts because they are so timeless and classic. Even if you go for a wilder color than, say, a tried and true neutral like black, it will stand the test of time.

Caring For My Cable Knit Sweater - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:8b18ca08-46ff-4ce1-a945-d6b5cdf005c9

Caring for Your Sweater

I flipped all synthetics out of my closet in favor of natural fibers, like SeaCell and yak wool, which means I learned the hard way how to care for them properly.

It took a few shrunken wool sweaters to get here, but this is what I do for all of my natural fiber clothing: first, I wash it on the delicate cycle in cold water. Then, I’ll stick it in the dryer on low heat for about three minutes.

It removes the wrinkles without compromising those delicate fibers (i.e. turning your sweater into a child’s sweater), but then, I let it air dry. I like to lay wool knits flat to avoid those weird hanger marks on the shoulders.

The Best Clothing Investment Piece You'll Ever Have - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:f62434f6-0bf9-4237-91cd-11a6ad59e104

I also prefer fragrance-free bio-based detergents and always skip the fabric softener and / or dryer sheets. Personal preference for sure, but I’ve found that combination to be the best when it comes to maintaining the longevity of my clothing, and also, I just enjoy the more natural approach to washing my clothes.

My Best Clothing Investment - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:1e2f82b5-f021-4831-9a86-ceda99052d17

Cost Per Wear

Look, I know that the Oliver Charles sweater is an investment piece. I think it’s really important to invest in brands that share your ethos, both in how their clothing is made and the treatment of those who are making it.

What I Love About This Summer Sweater - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:0bd68822-cc03-4aa6-9c17-557f992bae73

The timelessness of my Summer Sweater also came into play for me. We’ve seen how I’ve made it work from summer to winter, whether I’m wearing it with a classic midi skirt for a night out or with a pair of leggings for a jaunt around the neighborhood.

It’s not something you pay a fortune for and wear maybe twice. Dress it up or down, make it chic or casual, but either way, it’ll always come through… especially when you’re already running 10 minutes late and don’t have a THING to wear.

Kate Benz is a writer/author, dusty trail explorer, and YouTuber with a passion for WFH (working from hammock). A lover of natural + sustainable fibers and a joyous embracer of anything that can be worn on #repeat.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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