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The Essential Black Sweater For A Capsule Wardrobe

The endless possibilities of a staple black sweater in my capsule wardrobe.
September 29, 2022
By Lauren Reitzel

Fall usually means our wardrobes transition from bright toned yellows, greens, and blues to warmer, darker colors. For me, Autumn styles mean layering shades of black, brown, and maroon.

My new black summer sweater arrived in the mail just in time for fall. Even though it’s a ‘summer’ sweater, the light touch and breathability of the SeaCell can be comfortably worn in all seasons as a versatile base-layer.


Endless Possibilities Of A Staple Black Sweater

Black sweaters are a timelessly elegant staple that's free from the trendiness of fast fashion.

I’ve always loved classic black sweaters. So when I read Victoria's blog last week, I felt inspired to put mine to the test and create 4 additional outfits.

As Hollywood Stylist Annapurna Kreaden says, "The simplicity of black enables outfits to be effortlessly put together."

I fully agree; black sweaters have endless styling options and occasions in which they can be worn.

My black summer sweater is absolutely one of the most versatile (and most sustainable) pieces I've ever added to my closet.


What's Special About A Simple Black Sweater

Black clothing is timeless and will never go out of style. Companies such as Fashion United UK and Vogue agree that black is a color that's easy to wear and demands attention... here’s why:

  • Effortless Versatility: as a neutral color, you can wear black with almost any other hue and look and feel refined and put together. Not only can it be versatile with each color in your wardrobe, but it can also be worn on any occasion; black is one of the few colors that will fit in and be appropriate at any event. To further its versatility, black looks good on everyone! 
  • Elegance And Confidence: black clothing has been, and still is, a representation of refinement and luxury; moreover, it's an icon in the fashion industry as it is also associated with prestige, power, and glamor. No matter what situation you wear the color black in, these underlying associations with the paint continue to hold these unconscious perceptions.
  • Capsule Wardrobe Potential: black sweaters pair well with many different clothes you already own; they are the perfect item to start building your capsule wardrobe around! They also allow you to reduce mental and physical clutter and begin your journey in outfit repeating.

An Everyday Sweater In A Versatile Color

From business casual to nightlife, my black sweater is the perfect everyday layer.

There are endless complementary colors, aesthetics, textures, and occasions that black can be worn successfully with.

Simple, versatile colors that you can wear all the time are the key to unlocking a capsule wardrobe.

With a black sweater, you can effortlessly incorporate timeless elegance into your closet. There is truly no competitive comparison to a black sweater.

Lauren Reitzel has a passion for fashion. She oftentimes find herself with the internal struggle of wanting to keep up with the ever changing trend cycle, but at the same time, finding a way to make strides towards a sustainable closet. 

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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