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How To Style Your Summer Sweater

It’s a closet chameleon. If only everything in life was this easy!
January 25, 2024
By Kate Benz

The Sweater Without The Swelter

Okay, here we go! Welcome to the 2nd blog in my 3-part blog series about how to style, wear, and put your Summer Sweater to the test. This might seem to be a weird thing to talk about, considering it’s the dead of winter, but this blog is all about how you can whip out your summer sweater when temperatures are dropping.


And here’s the thing. It’s a black sweater. Which, I know, maybe that classic, versatile, perfectly neutral staple seems to pale compared to the whole dopamine dressing thing. But here’s the other point: the fact that it’s a classic, that it’s tried and true, and a closet chameleon is what makes it so perfect.

It doesn’t clash. It won’t go out of style. It’s not something you’ll pick up in three weeks or three months, or three years, and wonder what in the world you were thinking. It’s just… understated, quiet, reliable. Your can’t-go-wrong closet staple, no matter how fast the mercury is dropping.

Look No. 1: Base Layer Athleisure

Let’s face it: leggings have a bad rep. They tend to get lumped into the “just rolled outta bed” dressing category. But the idea behind athleisure is to fuse athletic-inspired pieces with something more elevated to keep it looking pulled together. Athleisure is sleek and minimal for a laid-back cool look that works for virtually any moment in your busy Monday through Sunday life.

Black Sweater Base Layer Athleisure - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:0fe42b51-a2f1-4c45-8060-4183ca75b415

The Summer Sweater comes into play as an elevated counter to the inherently low-key nature of a pair of black leggings. And it’s that contrast that makes an outfit dynamic and interesting. Bonus: you can never go wrong with a monochromatic moment; black is always the new black.

You can easily keep your sweater untucked, but for a sleeker look, go for the tuck. Then, blouse it. Nothing crazy, just a little fluidity to keep it looking fitted but not skin-tight from head to toe.

But because it’s winter, and that often means a strong desire not to freeze, a second layer is key. The natural fabrication of the Summer Sweater means it will be breathable, and the slightly thinner hand feel makes it perfect for layering. It doesn’t bulk up, won’t cause you to overheat, and won’t make you feel constricted and claustrophobic under a jacket or coat, either.

I love the look of a denim jacket for milder winter days. The blue adds dimension, texture, and visual contrast. If you’re a scarf person, you can layer it for even more warmth.

Add a belt bag across the torso to keep it casual cool (and hands-free), and the winter boots of your choice. It’s such a simple look and super comfortable but it also manages to look and feel totally pulled together with minimal effort.

Layering My Black Sweater With A Leather Jacket - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:e0860a71-995a-4b70-add0-785a89afbf5b

Look No. 2: Comfortably Cool

Okay, so if ever leggings had a partner in crime in the world of comfortable dressing, it’s a great pair of joggers. I love them almost as much as I love leggings because they’re equally as fun to play around with in the cooler months.

They. Are. Just. So. Cozy. Truly, irresistible. Same logic as the leggings, though: you can still avoid looking like you just emerged from a deep hibernation. The key here is to tuck that Summer Sweater, baby. Do not ignore the tuck! It defines the waist for a beautiful look that’s more tailored, despite this being comfort from head to toe.

Staying Warm And Comfortable With My Summer Sweater - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:441f5ac6-28e6-4ca6-a1fe-ca4c8e10aaeb

A thin puffer adds coverage, while a pair of sleek kicks keeps this looking clean instead of clunky. Add your favorite shades and a cute beanie, and you’re out the door.

Look No. 3: Effortlessly Cool

Okay, it's time to dress this baby up. Weekend date, night with the girls, because it’s Tuesday, whatever the case may be, that black sweater will be the perfect foundation base for a pair of classic skinny jeans. A lightish to medium gray rinse keeps it moody, and a little mysterious and also adds in some of that beautiful contrast.

Which, by the way, are perfect for wearing with a pair of tall boots and a leather jacket. Once combined, you’ve got an elevated look that perfectly balances fashion and function. If only everything in life was this easy!

Styling My Black Sweater With A Leather Jacket - Oliver Charles.jpg__PID:916750ac-749d-4fd4-a1fa-0ae585aa590d

Kate Benz is a writer/author, dusty trail explorer, and YouTuber with a passion for WFH (working from a hammock). A lover of natural + sustainable fibers and a joyous embracer of anything that can be worn on #repeat.

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