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Black Sweater Outfits: 5 Outfits For A Simple Wardrobe

5 outfit ideas built around the most versatile item in a capsule wardrobe.
September 22, 2022
By Victoria Vitale

The most versatile color in my wardrobe is black. So when Oliver Charles launched its first black sweater, I was overjoyed. A nice black sweater can be worn during all months of the year with practically everything.

The best thing about the new SeaCell sweater is that it's lightweight and perfect for transitioning into fall and winter. It is also incredibly soft and gentle for sensitive skin.

I was so excited to put together a set of outfits with this sweater because a black sweater is a perfect base-layer and allows for endless creativity due to its versatility.

I hope this blog inspires you to start a capsule. Or, if you already have one, I hope to show you a few of my favorite ways to style a wardrobe centerpiece, in my case, a black SeaCell sweater!


Simple Wardrobes Don't Need To Look Boring

Suchi, the creator of the style journal Pink April Diary, says a "black sweater is an essential piece in all of our wardrobes, but it does not have to look basic. You can instantly elevate a black sweater by adding a pop of color."

With Suchi's advice in mind, for my first outfit, I added  a little flair. I wanted a dressy yet fun, casual look, so I wore a tiered tank dress under my Oliver Charles sweater that I tied at my waist.

To accessorize, I wore my pearl headband and platform black sandals. I love the simplistic color palette of this outfit and think it is perfect for a chill summer night out with friends.

This gives me major Blair Waldorf vibes, so this outfit could even double as a Halloween costume, XOXO. This is a style that I wear pretty often during the end of the summer months and early fall months.

It looks like I put a lot of effort into my outfit, but there are very few clothing items I used, and I’m comfortable enough to sit or walk around all day. I’m so happy with the feel of this sweater and how easy it is to style using clothes in my closet.


Choosing A Comfortable And Stylish Base-Layer

Dresses are some of my favorite pieces in my closet, and as the weather cools and you can smell fall in the air, I love wearing sweaters underneath.

I kept this outfit pretty monochromatic, but the pattern on the dress creates a great contrast against the solid black Oliver Charles sweater.

In addition, I wore layered silver necklaces, a white beaded anklet, and the same platform sandals as my previous outfit. I can totally see myself out for a happy hour in this outfit; it is comfortable and stylish.


SeaCell Sweaters Are Thin And Breathable

Comfort is really important to me when picking out outfits, especially if I have a lot of walking or sitting to do that day.

Searching for a super comfortable outfit, I grabbed my sweater and layered it under a pair of overalls with black cloud slides, simple jewelry, and a straw hat for this outfit.

I can see myself going to a farmers market in this outfit and picking out the perfect bouquet of flowers.

I like how the sweater was thin enough to wear under the overalls without making me overheat or look bumpy from bunching up. This is a great casual day outfit, and I can’t wait to wear it again. 


Black Sweaters Are My Workleisure Go-To 

I am still a big fan of the workleisure trend, so I always like to include a sporty, comfortable look because I know we don’t all want to dress up all the time. This is a great work-from-home outfit or an errand running outfit.

I wore a purple athletic dress under my sweater, paired with a silver necklace, a fanny pack, and white sneakers. This is super comfortable, and I can see myself repeating this outfit together a lot during the next few months.


How To Dress Up A Thin Black Sweater

Getting dressed up is fun for me, especially if I have a great clothing item I want to create outfits with.

My SeaCell sweater is thin, soft, lightweight, and comfortable. Knowing that it's 3D-knit blows my mind.

I love that 3D-knitting produces sweaters without seams and in an ethical way. Lia talked more about the fabric and its benefits in her blog post, which you can read here.

Taking advantage of the seamlessness of my sweater, I wore a silky patterned skirt with my Oliver Charles sweater tucked in for my next outfit.

This is a classy outfit that I can wear when going out to a nice dinner. I wore two silver necklaces, black wedges, a small clutch, and pulled my hair half-back with a black claw clip.

I really did feel elegant and also comfortable enough to sit down and eat a yummy meal. I like how the patterned spots matched the sweater and made a cohesive outfit.


5 Outfit Ideas For An Everyday Black Sweater

Use my 5 outfit ideas as inspiration on how to style a black sweater. There are so many everyday outfits that can be created using one single clothing item.

I really enjoyed all the outfits I put together and look forward to wearing them again. Keep in mind that staple items are a great starting point and can easily be amplified by how you style and accessorize them.

Victoria Vitale has a degree in fashion communication and enjoys sharing her experiences. Victoria is here to help you learn and grow your fashion knowledge.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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