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Color Palette Challenge: 4 Neutral Colors, 6 Everyday Outfits

My core colors mixed and matched to create my favorite fall outfits.
October 13, 2022
By Victoria Vitale

I’ve always felt most comfortable and confident in neutral colors; I’m drawn to shades of white, brown, and green because they are easy to wear and effortless to pair with different pops of color. With the help of neutral colors, I can put together seemingly endless outfits, feeling comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Oliver Charles has been sharing DIY clothing challenges, and one of the challenges they recently shared caught my eye instantly. It’s called the Color Palette Challenge, and I had a ton of fun completing it over the last week.

For the challenge, I created a color palette and put together 6 outfits from clothing in my minimalist wardrobe. I picked cream/white, brown, burnt orange, and deeper greens as my colors because these earthy colors look the best with my complexion and my favorite pieces of clothes.

Check out the 6 outfits I created, and if you’re so daring, do the challenge at home. Go take a look at your closet and see what colors you’re drawn to. I have a feeling you’ll be inspired to see how many outfits you can put together with only a handful of colors.


How I Style My Yak Wool Sweater For Fall

It’s that time of year, which means breaking out my wool sweaters! Luckily, I have the perfect sweater to match my color palette, my Oliver Charles heathered brown undyed crew neck.

I will probably wear every day this fall. The khullu wool is perfect for layering or wearing on its own during the transition season.

I decided to wear my Oliver Charles sweater under a cream sweater vest. It layered perfectly, and the colors complement each other nicely. This was a great outfit to wear running errands because it was flowy and super comfortable.

I classically paired my sweater with jeans, a gold necklace, a cute headband, and platform sandals. I'll be wearing this outfit on repeat this fall season.

Oliver-Charles-Blog-Repeat-Style-Sustainability-Unique-Innovative-Materials-Sizing-Enclothed-Cognition-Cover 10.46.15 AM.jpg__PID:4ff2fa40-15d1-4edf-bb17-5f11027a5302

Enclothed Cognition: Clothes And Confidence

I live for fall weather and fall fashion. I use a lot of sweaters during transition seasons.

For my second outfit, I wore a brown halter tank, high-waist jeans, a lace cardigan, and black platform sandals. I like this dressy casual outfit because it gives me confidence.

This is a perfect outfit to hang out with friends or go to a farmer’s market on a sunny day. I ended up wearing this outfit to a vintage market with my mom, and I felt comfortable throughout our outing.


Deep green colors are very prominent in my wardrobe, and this corduroy shirt is one of my favorite items for fall.

I wore it over a black bodysuit, jeans, and a black hat. I layered gold jewelry to make my outfit more exciting. This is a great outfit to wear to any fall activity, like apple picking, visiting pumpkin patches, and sitting around a bonfire.

I actually thrifted the shirt and ended up cropping it to match my style more. This is one of my favorite fall outfits, and I can’t wait to wear it more this season.

I really like to accessorize my outfits, so I also have a lot of jewelry and hats in my closet. All of my items complement each other and can be worn with pretty much everything in my closet.


My favorite thing to do during the fall is go to pumpkin patches. I put together a neutral outfit so that I didn’t clash with the color of the pumpkins.

I wore a brown ruched bodysuit, distressed jeans, a cream jacket, a pearl headband, layered necklaces, and combat boots. This is the type of outfit that I would wear every day because it’s comfortable, cute, and I feel great in it.

Once the weather starts to cool off, I love to wear lightweight jackets to compliment my outfit and add another layer to it.

Fun fact, I liked this jacket so much that I went back and got it in green, which makes sense since that’s a color that is prominent in my closet.

This is a key pillar to owning a simple wardrobe. When I know I love something; I'll re-order it in additional colors to expand its versatility.


Repeat Your Favorite Outfits All The Time

I prioritize comfort and high-quality staples when it comes to putting outfits together. I also love graphic tees, and this outfit I put together is the best of both. I wore a graphic tee that I found at the thrift store under a knitted green romper.

To accessorize and elevate the outfit, I added a headband with pearls, a white beaded anklet, and white sneakers. I love that I can do pretty much anything in this outfit and still be comfortable.

The romper's color compliments the light tan of the tee and is perfect to transition between summer and fall. This is a great outfit to run errands in or relax and watch a movie in. I look forward to wearing this for the fall months and then again in the spring.


Personal Uniforms Are Simple Styles You Love

I love wearing cardigans during the fall because they keep me warm enough at night and cool enough during the day.

This is a great outfit for a casual fall day out shopping or running errands. I wore a white turtleneck under the cardigan, paired with distressed jeans and white sneakers.

I am obsessed with this outfit; the color of the cardigan is perfect for the fall and matches the color of the changing leaves.

It is very comfortable and stylish, and it’s definitely an outfit that I reach for in my closet more times than not. This outfit really embodies my personal style, especially my fall style, because I love turtlenecks and chunky knit cardigans.


Why You Should Do The Color Palette Challenge

The Color Palette Challenge was super fun! I loved creating outfits based on the colors that I wear all the time. This pushed me to be creative with clothes I already own, and I urge you to try it yourself.

The simple challenge allows you to take a closer look at the colors you’re drawn to and clothes you love to wear. I would like to try this again next summer because I know I wear slightly different colors during those months.

I had a lot of options in my closet, so the hardest part was narrowing down what I wanted to include and pulling together a cohesive color palette.

I was surprised by how much I loved this challenge and the exercise of auditing my closet.

I think that all my outfits came together beautifully and helped me get the most out of the fall months.

What are you waiting for? Go take the Color Palette Challenge! See what colors you are drawn to and wear the most.

Afterwards try the Personal Uniform Challenge, which is a great way to discover your personal uniform and learn how to refine it.

Join others taking Oliver Charles clothing challenges in their Facebook group.

Want to learn more about the challenge? Check out Amy's Color Palette Challenge experience.

Victoria Vitale has a degree in fashion communication and enjoys sharing her experiences. Victoria is here to help you learn and grow your fashion knowledge.

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