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Exploring The Ultimate Comfort: A 7 Day Sweater Challenge

How to build an eco-friendly wardrobe without sacrificing personal aesthetic.
June 27, 2024
By Samantha Slupski

You Can Have It All: Comfort, Sustainability, And Style

Introducing the 1st blog in my 3-part blog series about having a sustainable wardrobe that doesn’t sacrifice personal style, comfort, or values.

This blog is about my experience wearing the All-Season Waffle Knit sweater for 7 days straight as part of the 7 Day Challenge.


When I get dressed, comfort is my number one priority. Second is picking items that fit my personal style, and then of course, are pieces I know fit into my value system as someone who cares deeply about sustainability and conscious consumption.

When I saw a compostable package ready for me in my mailbox, I was so excited to bring it upstairs and unbox it.

Upon opening, I was met with my sweater inside a tote bag that I’ll be using for years to come. The sweater, though, was a beautiful waffle knit that was just begging to be worn it looked that comfortable.

Exploring The Ultimate Comfort With My Oliver Charles Sweater - Oliver Charles

A Breathable Wool Sweater For The Heat-Sensitive

It’s heating up in my city, Austin, Texas, which means most people are putting away their wool sweaters for the season and opting for tank tops and shorts.

However, as someone committed to the cozy vibe all year round, I was pleasantly surprised that I could wear this all-season sweater, even on a warmer upper-70s day.

I first thought the sweater was plush and had a welcoming open weave texture, which I was excited to test out on a warmer day.

I went to work at my favorite coffee shop, where the barista complimented its chocolatey color, which we all know a barista compliment will keep the vibes high all day.

A Breathable Wool Sweater For The Heat-Sensitive - Oliver Charles

Perfect Addition To My Neutral Color Palette

I don’t have a lot of brown in my closet, so when I initially went to get dressed, it felt good to realize that this sweater filled a color hole. I am generally a person who sticks to a neutral color palette.

I was excited to add this sweater to my favorite cream pants, but I see myself having a little fun with a pair of green ones, which my partner calls “tree mode” when I wear this combo. This speaks to the different outfits and styles this style can lend itself to.

This Sweater Is The Perfect Addition To My Neutral Color Palette - Oliver Charles

Breathable And Sensory-Friendly

I am historically picky with my sweaters, even more so if I know they are made from wool. Thankfully, it's not itchy due to khullu wool from high-elevation Tibetan yak.

I was initially worried about this right out of the package because of the waffle knit texture but was pleasantly surprised when I put it on.

It is so soft against the body, and the 3D-knitting technology that omits seams makes it perfect for my finicky body.

My Essential Spring Staple Sweater - Oliver Charles

An Essential All-Season Staple

The weather has been up and down all week during this challenge, with rain, clouds, and the sun peeking out during the chillier mornings. I know it’s a good sweater when I don’t worry about shedding a layer when it warms up throughout the day.

The way the fabric allows the body to breathe, especially layered on top of a tank or t-shirt, made for an extra cozy week. I felt cute and put together with every outfit.

The Sweater That Will Last For Seasons To Come - Oliver Charles

A True All-Season Sweater

While this sweater has been a great transition staple so far, I can honestly say I’m so excited to bring this sweater into fall.

Because of its high-quality creation, Oliver Charles lifelong repair guarantee, and my commitment to a minimal wardrobe rooted in sustainability and comfort, I know this sweater will carry me through many seasons and situations.

If this sweater challenge has taught me anything, you can have it all–comfort, sustainability, and style. The All-Season Waffle Knit Sweater gives me exactly that.

Sam Slupski (they/them) is a queer writer and creator from the Midwest and is currently based in Austin, Texas. Sam's writing explores personal style, fashion, mental health, emotional healing, queerness, gender identity, and more.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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