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1-Week Sweater Challenge: Outfit Repeating Without Sacrifices

My Oliver Charles sweater leads the way in building comfortable, creative, and sustainable repeat outfits.
July 28, 2022
By Lauren Reitzel

How And Why I Moved Away From Fast Fashion

In this series, I’ll take the 1-Week Challenge and show how you can turn the clothes you already own and love into expressive styles and repeat outfits.

By the end, I hope to emphasize the importance and creative potential of outfit repeating and demonstrate the multifaceted nature of simple, durable pieces such as the Oliver Charles sweater.


This blog marks the start of my outfit repeat journey. I'm moving away from fast fashion, and the Oliver Charles sweater landed in the palm of my hands just when I needed it most.

For a while, I was at this crossroads where I was trying to figure out who I aspired to be while not losing sight of who I already was. Fashion, and its endless possibilities of self-expression, has the power to demonstrate just that.

While it may seem that I'm pointing out the obvious, our wardrobe tells a story that we send to the world, and the sustainability (or lack thereof) of our clothing represents our values.

In my five-part blog series, I will explore how I can demonstrate to the world who I am with help from my Oliver Charles everyday sweater

Oliver Charles 1-Week In My Oliver Charles Sweater

1-Week In My Oliver Charles Sweater

Unboxing my undyed yak wool sweater, a feeling of eager excitement drove each movement I made.

The 3D-knitting is done in Brooklyn in a way where the sweater has no seams and creates no waste.

At first impression, I knew the light wool sweater would be perfect for layering and testing throughout the week - a fact I later proved to myself.

Finally, I was equipped with the necessities to spend 7 days (in a row) wearing and styling my Oliver Charles sweater. 

Oliver Charles Lightweight Sweater For Long Days Of Travel

Lightweight Sweater For Long Days Of Travel

Kicking off day one of styling my Oliver Charles sweater for 7 days in a row, I joined my family on a six-hour road trip heading up to our neighbor up north: Wisconsin.

Growing up in Chicago with the rest of my family holding strong to their roots in Northern Wisconsin, I'd become accustomed to the importance of my road trip outfit.

Luckily, on day one of my 1-Week Challenge, the core piece of my outfit seamlessly styled into my perfect road trip attire.

Rather than pairing my favorite pair of sweatpants with a rundown sweatshirt, or a too small t-shirt, my handy travel sweater elevated my outfit while I stayed comfortable throughout the long drive. 

Beginning the challenge glued to the backseat of an SUV, I was somewhat skeptical of the flexibility that my sweater would have fresh out of its tube.

However, my doubts quickly sped away as I made myself more comfortable than anticipated, with any skepticism vanished. 

Oliver Charles Personal Uniforms Are Your Favorite Styles

Personal Uniforms Are Your Favorite Styles

Excited to kick off day two, I started my day on an all-around cozy note in my Oliver Charles sweater and an iced chai latte in the downtown area of Cumberland, WI.

It was the second day of my 1-Week challenge, and I styled my undyed heathered brown knit with my favorite pair of blue jean shorts, one of my staple pieces for summer fashion.

I knew I'd repeat this style. I love the versatility and comfort of wearing my trusty pair of denim shorts with my Oliver Charles sweater. 

Knowing I had at least 1 hit I could incorporate into my personal uniform or capsule wardrobe, I started to question how I would style my outfits moving forward.

After a day of exploring, in which the sun shined relentlessly, I was pleasantly surprised with the breathability of my Oliver Charles sweater.

Without a doubt, I'd have no problem finding ways to wear my sweater through the upcoming Chicago heat wave I'd face.

Oliver Charles Yak Wool Kept Me Cool On A Long Drive Home

Yak Wool Kept Me Cool On A Long Drive Home

My final day staying with family in Wisconsin felt as short-lived as the trip itself. I topped off the weekend with a breakfast outing before hitting the roads to head back home.

It was day three of my 1-Week Challenge, and the AC in my family car was broken for the drive down. However, my sweater breathed like only yak wool can, and I didn't overheat.

For the trip back, I chose to layer my sweater with my always-reliable denim shorts and a black, high-neck, ribbed tank top—the everyday sweater adding dimension and classic style to my attire. 

Oliver Charles Ending A Draining Work Day In A Hygge Sweater

Ending A Draining Work Day In A Hygge Sweater

On day four, I spent most of my time at my seasonal summer job: a lifeguard at a waterpark. Lounging in the sun may seem like the majority of my job description. 

However, while I get tanner than I probably should, my time is mainly spent scanning the water, enforcing rules, and participating in emergency response scenarios that get exhausting after a ten-hour shift. 

Post-work, the only thing I want to do is find any way to get as comfortable as possible; the lifeline combination of my Oliver Charles sweater was the necessary armor.

Changing from my chlorine-marinated one-piece swimsuit into my light, breathable, cozy, and flexible sweater was (and continues to be) my favorite way to end a draining day

Oliver Charles Elevating My Everyday Style In Comfort

Elevating My Everyday Style In Comfort

I had a day off work, so I decided it would be a good chance to just relax in my Oliver Charles sweater. I planned to spend the day catching up on errands and spending time with my family.

My everyday sweater acted as a versatile player being able to cater to each activity I did that day.

Even on a lazy day, I could easily elevate my style by incorporating my sweater without sacrificing comfort. 

Today, I paired my sweater with tan-colored sweat shorts and a camouflage button-up.

Again, I was impressed with how breathable my sweater remained underneath the flannel layer.

Oliver Charles

Thermoregulating For My Evening And Night

I made some pretty significant style changes today, but not regarding my outfit; I went and got a summer haircut!

Making my way to Great Clips immediately after my eight-hour shift at the pool, I left with a whole new summer look to match my new summer wardrobe (a wardrobe of one piece, of course).

Coming back from work, I wore my sweater to head out with my friends for a cool summer night bonfire and to debut my new cut.

Leaning into the laid-back feel of being 19 during a midwest summer night, I styled my sweater with black flared leggings to cater to the bite in the air that appears after sunset.

While I may have been a bit worried about getting too warm if I was in a sweatshirt instead of my Oliver Charles sweater, I was perfectly temperate even in the heat of the fire.

Oliver Charles Thermoregulating For My Evening And Night

Everyday Sweater That's Perfect For A Busy Life

Seven days flew by with my Oliver Charles sweater, and I couldn't be happier. On my final day, before heading to another full day of work, I started with one of my favorite ways to spend my free time: walking outside.

As a lifelong runner, ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, I've found a new appreciation for exercising through walking.

Gearing up in my sweater, denim shorts, and platform boots, which, yes, are highly unrealistic for a morning walk, I felt unstoppable going into the rest of my day.

While my boots gave me confidence with the sacrifice of comfort, my sweater was a refreshing change from what we've come to accept from fashion trends and pieces.

Since it was a cooler morning, my sweater helped keep me warm at the beginning of my walk and cool near the end of it; still, each day, I find myself more and more surprised by the versatility and breathability of this piece.

With that said, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Oliver Charles and the 1-Week Challenge to anyone who lives a busy life.

Each day I run through a myriad of hobbies and activities to keep busy, and my sweater is capable of helping me tackle everything from my daily walk to a road trip or a summer night with friends.

Moving forward, I have the confidence to find new ways to be an outfit repeater and transform my closet from a teenager who's a victim of fast fashion to a twenty-something who knows who she is. 

I'll always believe that my wardrobe is a small glimpse inside of who I am. The Oliver Charles sweater is a piece that I'm happy to have representing me. 

Lauren Reitzel has a passion for fashion. She oftentimes find herself with the internal struggle of wanting to keep up with the ever changing trend cycle, but at the same time, finding a way to make strides towards a sustainable closet. 

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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