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Out On The Trail In My Yak Wool Sweater

Staying warm in my Oliver Charles yak wool sweater while out dog sledding in freezing temperatures.
March 21, 2024
By Selina Steiger

Getting Snowed On In My Yak Wool Sweater

A snowy adventure awaits! Welcome to the 2nd blog in my 3-part blog series about how my Oliver Charles sweater keeps me warm in Canada’s freezing temperatures. Exposed to the weather, I find myself on the trail—this time in my yak wool sweater!

I usually have to wear multiple layers of clothing underneath my jacket, which leaves me either sweaty and itchy after our training session or frozen because, in some mysterious way, the cold still finds a way to creep in. But not today.


My yak wool sweater does a fantastic job substituting for the layers of clothing I usually wear. Not only do I feel warm and comfortable, but I also feel extremely lightweight.

There is no restriction when I move around, and I can easily grab the snack bag out of the sled, untangle ganglines, and secure necklines without breaking into a sweaty mess. I don’t feel trapped or stiff at all!

And this is where the saying more doesn’t always mean better fits to a tee. What two pullovers struggle to do, my yak wool sweater easily does on its own. I feel great, and so does my team!

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Close Up Shot of My Husky.jpg__PID:cd319413-e8bb-4a6a-b792-bfb865645f2e

The Feeling Of Seamless Clothing On My Skin

I am in awe of how easily my huskies adapt to the cold. Like yak, these animals are made for frigid temperatures, withstanding even the coldest winter days without freezing to death.

And here I am, being so fortunate as to wear a sweater made from yak, one of the highest-performing wools in the world! The yak wool fibers on my skin feel almost therapeutic.

Soft like cashmere, my sweater makes me feel relaxed and in control. The cold doesn’t bother me, and I can easily maintain my body temperature.

My sweater continues to support and show resilience to the weather throughout our run. I never realized what I had been missing out on until now.

Rays of sunshine dancing on my dog's winter coats, nature around me, a touch of yak wool on my skin – can this day get any more perfect?

Close Up Shot Of My Husky And My Sweater.jpg__PID:b0cd3194-13e8-4b6a-aaf7-92bfb865645f

Nothing Beats The Feeling When Outside With My Dogs

My adventurous hours spent dog sledding through a mystical winter wonderland bring out the beauty of nature through something as simple as a sweater. Withstanding the cold while enjoying the snowy landscape has me floating on cloud nine. This entire experience has been a pleasant one.

My yak wool sweater proved its worth in quality, and I could not be happier with how well it went. Not only have I benefited from it personally, but my good mood has also affected my team, resulting in happy dogs and a fun training session ahead.

What we wear changes the way we feel, and if this means training harder and longer because I'm wearing my yak wool sweater, say no more.

Dog Team And Sweater.jpg__PID:9413e8bb-6a6a-4792-bfb8-65645f2e30d5

Comfortable In Yak Wool On My Snowy Adventure

My lead dog picks up speed, and I hold onto the handrails of my sled as we head around a bend. We make our way past a lonely row of trees and then out onto an open field. The sun is out, but the wind has picked up. Crunching paws on frozen ground, my yak wool sweater on my skin, it feels timeless, almost like we’re flying.

I stopped the sled and looked around. There was nothing but peace and quiet all around. It was a perfect day out on the trail in my yak wool sweater.

Thank you for keeping me warm and comfortable while I'm outside on my snowy adventures.

Selina Steiger is a storyteller. She loves to write and share ideas about anything and everything! She's active on Instagram, sharing weekly newsletters with her followers every Sunday. She's also writing on platforms like Medium, Quora, and

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