Our materials.

We make our sweaters from super fibers - khullu and merino. Not only are they warmer and more breathable than lambswool and cashmere, but they are also world renowned for their antimicrobial properties, meaning they don’t trap odor like cotton and synthetics materials.

Even after a straight week of wear, you should still feel fresh. When it comes time to throw your sweater in the wash, you can even forget the detergent because our materials are self-cleaning, meaning they will release bacteria and odor even in a cold wash. 

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It all begins in the Tibetan Plateau with yak.

Yak are a resilient high elevation animal who weathers -40° F winters, 90° F summers, and everything in between. To survive, the fiber of these gentle giants needs to be versatile. 

We knit sweaters from soft underbelly fibers called khullu ("coo-loo")

In Tibetan culture, many pieces of clothing are made from khullu and are even passed down from generation to generation. Khullu is a super material that not only thermoregulates and fights odor like few other materials but also is extremely durable and meant to last for a lifetime.

Khullu is better for our planet than cashmere...

Unlike cashmere goats, who're threatening Mongolia's grasslands (read more here: NPR), yak are low-carbon emission animals. Whereas cashmere goats have caused up to 70% of Mongolia's grasslands to turn to deserts (linked to a 4° F rise in regional temperature), yak tongues are short meaning they don't pull grass from the root when snacking, which is great news for the grasslands and our planet.

We pair khullu with merino wool.

Merino wool is the Swiss Army Knife of the natural fiber world. It's world-famous for its excellent insulating, sweat-wicking, and odor-resisting properties. Merino wool can absorb 30% of its weight in water and remain dry to touch.

Merino can also be bent and flexed 30,000 times before it's damaged. Merino is a durable fiber that protects against the sun's rays, resists wrinkles and pilling, insulates body heat when it's cold, and transports sweat away in the heat.  

25% of the carbon footprint of a garment comes from its lifespan of care.

Our materials fight bacteria before becoming odor. Even after 10 wears, you'll still feel fresh in clothing made from khullu and merino wool. And when it comes time to throw these clothes into the washing machine, you can forget the detergent because khullu and merino are self-cleaning, meaning they will release bacteria and odor even in a cold wash.

While your laundry machine might get lonely, you can feel great knowing you're reducing your carbon footprint with clothing that rarely needs to be washed.

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