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Why Wear Yak Wool?

Khullu (yak wool) is good for the planet and for helping to simplify life.
June 29, 2023
By Jill Schwartzman

Khullu Is Versatile And Eco-Friendly

I've been creating a capsule wardrobe around eco-friendly staples for a while now.

I began doing this to move away from fast fashion and find durable, cute clothes that I could layer in with my work, everyday, and adventure styles.

When Jack and Slater from Oliver Charles got in touch with me about writing on the #repeat blog, I got freakin’ pumped because their sweaters and mission fit in perfectly with what I've been looking for.

As far as wool sweaters go, Oliver Charles' khullu sweater is as versatile and sustainable as it gets.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

Yak Wool is The Best Sweater Material

Before I knew anything about wool, I put my cashmere sweater in the dryer by accident, and it came out looking like it belonged to a doll – I was pissed.

After the sweater shrinking incident, I decided to learn more about the materials in my clothes and how to increase their longevity.

In my research, I learned a ton about wool. It's truly the best material you could ask for in clothes. Wool gives our body the superpower of staying comfortable no matter what the day has in store.

But it wasn't until I started my research for this post that I read about the benefits of using yak wool.

First of all, yak wool is highly sustainable. Collecting yak wool doesn't use up a ton of land and water - yaks are raised by nomadic herders and happily frolick around the Himalayan Mountains. When spring comes around, yaks naturally shed their winter khullu, which is collected and spun into yarn.

Also, yak wool keeps your body warm… and cool? It’s true! Yak wool is an active fiber, meaning that it temperature regulates. If you think about it, yak have to survive big temperature swings on the Tibetan Plateau, where Oliver Charles sources their wool.

Aaaand yak wool has a number of unique moisture management properties that allow it to resist bacterial build-up - the cause of odor. It also wicks away moisture so you’ll never have to worry about getting caught in the rain while you’re out for a hike.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

Yak Wool Is Perfect For Outfit Repeating

You can literally wear the Oliver Charles' yak wool sweaters for weeks without washing, which is perfect for outfit repeating and simplifying things. Here’s a typical day in my life...

First, I open my eyes. Duh.

Next, I make my coffee and sift through my clothes, pretending that I’m gonna wear anything other than my Oliver Charles sweater with jeans. Yeah right.

At this point, I’m ready to hop on Rhonda (my road bike) and head to work. Riding Rhonda used to be such a fiasco. I had to get dressed just for the commute, then change out of my sweaty top when I got into the office.

Thankfully, those days are gone forever! Turns out my Oliver Charles sweater doesn’t absorb sweat and create odors, so after I roll up to work and skid in a puddle that accidentally sprays my coworkers, I can simply lock my bike up and get on with my morning without the hassle of changing.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

I Wear My Everyday Sweater Everywhere

I can’t think of a time, place, or activity a quality wool sweater isn’t perfect for.

My favorite outdoor sport is climbing – living in Salt Lake City is a dream because I can throw my climbing gear in the car and be in the mountains 15 minutes later.

I wear my Oliver Charles sweater while I’m warming up or belaying my partner, then stuff it in my gear bag when I’m ready to climb.

Later, when I’m headed out for a wild night of book clubbing, I like to layer my sweater over a loose tee and easily enhanced it with accessories like my classic wool felt hat for a cool, casual look.

You can’t go wrong with a high-quality yak wool sweater. I seriously wear mine everywhere and I don’t have to worry about being too delicate with it while I’m adventuring.

I dress it up for the office and take it on weekend trips as well.

Every time I put my Oliver Charles sweater on, I know I’m helping the planet, wearing something I’ll never have to get rid of, and supporting a slow fashion movement I believe in.

Jill Schwartzman is a hemp t-shirt maker, natural dyer, and trail running fiend. She's a huge supporter of sustainability and believes that eco-friendly practices are especially important in the fashion industry.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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