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Finding styles you love, upgrading them to last for life, and then #repeat.

A sweater meant to be worn a few times a week.

We set out to create a go-to item for your personal uniform: a sweater. Nice enough to wear for work. Comfortable enough to wear at home. A single item for all of life that looks as good as it feels and lasts for years. The idea that when we find outfits we love, we wear them over and over again isn’t a revelation. In fact, there’s a term for it called your “personal uniform”, which has been reported on by publications such as Thrive Global, Vox, Calm Clinic, and CNBC. 

Casual dress codes are stressful.

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Hacking the “new normal” with a new wardrobe.

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Styles you love, upgraded, and on #repeat.

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What we wear & how we feel... AKA enclothed cognition.

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celebrate Sustainable #Repeat styles.

This is an issue where we can all make a difference. Just by wearing clothes for 9 months longer, our carbon footprint can be reduced by 30%. (BBC). If instead of buying a new clothing item this year we continued wearing a high quality long lasting one, it could save nearly 6 pounds of CO2 emissions. That's equivalent to removing half a million cars off the road per person per year. (KRON 4

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"#Repeat means you know yourself and your style."

- Thrive Global

"I put on what I'm most comfortable and confident in and eliminate the chore of picking an outfit."


"I love not thinking about what to wear, and always knowing I look good."

- Wool & Journal

"Find a style that you love and feel comfortable in. Then adapt that style for life."

Calm Clinic

"I realized the time I could save during my work days by taking out the clothing aspect."


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Engaged members of our advisory board are invited to participate in the 1-Week Challenge, a personal experiment challenging you to #repeat your style and wear 1 sweater 7 days in a row.

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