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The Short Sleeve Sweater A True Story

The story of how our new short sleeve sweater came to be.
June 1, 2023
By Oliver Charles

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in the spring of 2022. Two handsome fellows by the names of Slater and Jack were getting ready to sell some sweaters in the quaint village of Sebastopol, CA.


There Was 1 Problem...

By 10:00am, the temperature was inching past the 90-degree mark. Their sweaters were made from the best wool on the planet, but even still, in that heat, selling them was going to be a feat.

That's when they hatched a brilliant idea in the sweltering sun to simply remove the sleeve. Not all the way, but just enough to create a t-shirt; Or even better, a Short Sleeve Sweater.


True Story!

We've spent the better part of the last 3 summers in the 100-plus-degree heat of our favorite Northern California town trying to sell wool sweaters.

Now we are famous for getting high on our own supply, so to speak. If we are going to sell you a sweater, we're going to be wearing one while we do it. Eventually, we got tired of being uncomfortable in the sweltering heat, so we made a short sleeve version of our most popular sweater. Not to sell but for ourselves.

Our ethos has always been simple basics that never go out of style. A Short Sleeve Sweater seemed a bit too avant-garde. At the time, it felt like a fashion statement. So we kept it to ourselves.

Don't even get me started on what my mom thought of this ambitious new style... Let's just say it wasn't her favorite.

However, after a year, it became pretty clear that we were being selfish. Time and time again, customers asked how they could get in on the new style.

Eventually, even my mother came around and asked where she could get one.

Finally, we realized we were doing our customers - no, our friends - a disservice by keeping what is arguably the perfect medium for wool to ourselves.


Say Hello To The Short Sleeve Sweater

Wool has a bad rep for being a winter-only material. The truth is, it's the perfect year-round material due to its natural ability to temperature regulate.

Wool is regarded as an 'active' fiber, which keeps body temperature at an equilibrium - it efficiently transfers water vapor from sweat away from the body as temperatures change.

On top of it all, the Yak Wool and Merino Wool are considered the best when it comes to performing the natural transfer of heat.

Even the desert-living Bedouins wear lightweight wool to keep themselves cool.


The Perfect Medium For Wool

If you're still skeptical, read this. Written by one of our customers, it is a perfect example of why wool is excellent for the summer.

With that said, sometimes you just need to let the arms breathe. It's summertime, and even the most adamant sweater lovers need to get a tan after a long winter.

What's that old saying? Suns out guns out...?

That's why a Short Sleeve Sweater is a perfect medium for a wool knit because it provides just enough breathing room for even the hottest days.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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