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our 1st Limited Edition, The "Jewel of The Sierras"

A sweater for the modern professional, escaping the city to seek out adventure with friends on the weekend.
June 10, 2021
By Jack Paley

Feeling excited about the weekend. Making a plan with my best friends.

Driving into the Friday sunset towards In-N-Out... and then Yosemite, Big Sur, The Redwood Forest, or Tahoe.

Throwing on my backpack
Pulling out my fly fishing rod
Popping my toes in the water
Cooking up a storm of comfort food
Beating my friends in board games
Sparking a sweet aged maple fire
Laying under flickering starlight

Loading up the car on Sunday, driving into the sunrise towards In-N-Out... and then back home feeling excited about the week.

This is what I love most, a little thing in life that brings me happiness.

It's one of the many reasons why living and working in San Francisco over the last few years has been special.

No matter how hectic the workweek was, there's always a simple cure: an adventure into the weekend with new and old friends.

OLIVER CHARLES - Limited Edition Emerald Blue Crew Neck Sweater - Smart Casual Sweater For Daily Wear - WHOLEGARMENT 3D-Knit - Merino & Yak Wool Khullu

While many of us felt isolated from what we love most in this past year, these last months have given us renewed optimism as we exit the global pandemic.

And as we look forward, we're reminded why we started Oliver Charles in the first place: to create the go-to item for modern professionals - a sweater we could wear through the workweek and then out into nature.

OLIVER CHARLES - Limited Edition Emerald Blue Crew Neck Sweater - Smart Casual Sweater For Daily Wear - WHOLEGARMENT 3D-Knit - Merino & Yak Wool Khullu

We can all agree that the first summer following a year like 2020 deserves a special tribute. For this reason, we're excited to introduce our first limited edition sweater, the "Jewel of The Sierras", after Slater and my favorite nickname for Lake Tahoe.

We chose Lake Tahoe as our muse for the limited edition because over the many years, we've fallen in love with the emerald blue lake and breathtaking surrounding Sierras.

Inspired by Tahoe's water, the tranquil sweater color attempts to mimic the crystal clear blue/green alpine lake.

The Jewel of The Sierras sweater is a limited edition as unique as the summer of 2021. Hopefully in 50 years (yes they will last that long), we’ll all look at our emerald blue sweaters and be reminded of the countless weekend trips we took this summer.

If you believe that every good wardrobe starts with owning less and owning better, consider buying yourself an OLIVER CHARLES sweater.
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