Let's design a sweater together.

Personal uniforms are personal. You know better than us what helps you feel your best... instead of us designing alone, let's do something new and co-create a sweater together. 
Join the advisory board for...


Your input on fit, style, and feel will be included in our sweaters.

1-Week Challenge

We'll comp you a sweater... assuming you complete the challenge. 


You'll get credited for the design of our sweaters.


A quarter-page dedication in our upcoming book.

What we're designing.

 We're designing the go-to item for a personal uniform; a versatile sweater for all of life that looks as good as it feels and lasts for years.

Wrinkle Free

Retains shape too.


Synthetic materials trap odor. Ours don't.


More breathable than cashmere.


Insulates body heat when it's cold.

Moisture Wicking

Transports sweat away in the heat.

Machine Washable

Still hang dry...  We're working on it.

How we'll manufacture.

Our sweaters are created with a technology called Wholegarment, which allows us to knit in 3-dimensions. Traditionally, sweaters are made by sewing parts together that are each knit separately. Our process on the other hand, knits sweaters in one entire piece.

Traditional Cut & Sew

Irritating seams that interfere with the stretch and fit.

Our Process

Knit in 3-dimensions, creating a more comfortable fit.

3-Dimensional Fit


Seamless continuity of the knit from front to back.


Eliminate bulky discomfort of typical sewn knitwear.

Neck Line

Knitted-in collars create a refined, sophisticated look.


Conforms to the shape of your body for a natural fit.

Our Wholegarment process minimizes the amount of necessary material needed to knit a sweater. Zero waste from cutting parts out of fabric make Wholegarment an eco-knitwear.

Join our advisory board.

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