Become an Oliver Charles Field Tester

Let's Design 13 New Sweaters Together

Instead of designing alone, let's do something new and co-create 13 new sweaters together.

13 New designs

Your Role

You're calling the shots on the design of new colors, styles, and limited editions.

Our Role

We'll 3D-knit the design based off your unique preferences.

Field Testinging

Member-only invite to test our new sweater designs before launch.

We're looking for people who want to create sweaters that feel good to wear and lasts a lifetime. If the points below resonate with you, help us co-create our next sweater designs!

  • You appreciate high-quality materials: we use a super-fiber called khullu, the down wool of high elevation yak that's soft like cashmere but easy to care for.
  • You're committed to sustainably: our 3D-knitting process produces nearly 0 waste, and our wool is one of the world's most sustainable.
  • You believe in owning less and owning better: we make durable, timeless sweaters that you'll want to own for years - backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • You want an easy go-to that's as versatile as it is comfortable: all of our sweaters (v-neck included) are designed for repeat wear, so we can get more out of our clothing.