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Design a sweater made for you.

Let's do something new and co-create a sweater together.
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made for you

We 3D-knit sweaters based off your preferences.


You're calling the shots on the design of our sweaters.

1-week challenge

Member-only invite to test our prototype sweaters.

What we're designing

We're designing the go-to item for a personal uniform - a durable sweater that looks as good as it feels.

We're taking into account the utility of the yarn - we'll only work with the best natural materials. We're taking a new approach to fit and style by 3D-knitting each sweater. Our goal is to create a sweater that lasts a lifetime.

How We'll Produce it

We'll use Wholegarment 3D-knitting. Here's why: instead of sewing cut fabric parts together that are each knit separately, the Wholegarment process knits sweaters in one entire piece, creating a more durable sweater with 0 waste and no seams.


Smooth, continuous knit construction.

<1% Waste

Knit as one entire piece. No wasted materials.


10% lighter without added seam weight.

The Community

Instead of us designing alone, we're excited to co-create our sweaters with you. Who knows, maybe you'll even stick around to help us design our 10th product. We hope so.

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Chris H.

Member since June 2020

Zahra A.

Member since April 2020

Drew K.

Member since Aug. 2020

Matt J.

Member since April 2020
"I usually don't order clothes online, but I love the way it feels ordering a sweater that I had a hand in designing. They've made it exciting to be a part of the experience of building out these sweaters.

They've been easy to work with, and I’ve even jumped on a Zoom call with them. Immediately after talking through feedback with Jack and Slater they started implementing it.

Devin H.

Member since April 2020

made from the world's best natural wool

Ideal for repeat wear because of its comfort, durability, and antimicrobial properties.


Our materials are similar in hand-feel to cashmere.


Far better for the planet than synthetics.


Wear all the time. Our materials don't trap odor.


More breathable than cashmere & lambswool.


Yak naturally weather cold -40° F winters.


Lasts over your many years of wear.

A little more About us

Growing up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, outdoor adventure had a major influence on us. We’ve always preferred wearing durable, high performing clothes versus following fashion trends.

It seemed that no matter the phase of our life, we always gravitated towards long-lasting clothes that felt good to wear, and when we found clothes that we felt good in, we wanted to wear them all the time.

Years later, we found ourselves as roommates in the Bay Area starting a sweater brand called Oliver Charles. The goal is to make clothes our childhood selves would be proud of.
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