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Winter Collection

Heritage Yak Wool Collection

We made our newest collection from 100% yak down from the Tibetan highlands; they are the warmest, softest, and most luxurious knits we've ever made. The wool we knit is solely sourced from Shokay, a fully traceable Tibetan COOP formed by Harvard grad Carol Chyau.

Our new Heritage Yak Wool Sweater promotes 4,000 traditional herding families in Tibet and has heirloom quality that you'll pass down for generations.

100% Yak Wool Sweaters, Beanies, And Scarves

Yak wool is versatile by evolution. Over thousands of years, yaks have evolved to survive and thrive in the unforgiving high-altitude climate of the Himalayas.

The Tibetan yak lives comfortably at 15,000ft - 20,000ft and is the highest dwelling wool-bearing mammal in the world. Extreme conditions have forced these magnificent beasts to grow some pretty remarkable fibers. Khullu ("coo-loo") is the fiber grown around the neck and belly of yak.

Khullu is known for its comfort, durability, and antimicrobial properties. Khullu is some of the highest performing wool, we’d even go so far as to say it’s the world's best wool.

The fiber is extremely durable while maintaining a soft and luxurious hand feel. Products made from yak wool last for decades, particularly if they’re manufactured properly (we 3D-knit ours).

The natural properties of yak wool make it ideal for repeat wear. That’s exactly why we use it in our Heritage Yak Wool Collection.

100% Tibetan Yak Wool From Shokay

The only yak wool where a portion of revenue goes back to Tibetan community development and grassland conservation.


Yaks are an asset for families and represent much of their wealth. Each family, on average, herds 60 yaks. Some families herd up to 300 yaks. 


Shokay's women empowerment cooperative has provided a stable income for 50+ Tibetan women and produced 1,000kg of yak down yarn


800+ herders have benefitted from Shokay's health care programs, which include health care training, free clinic, and free eyeglasses.


In 2022, Shokay regenerated 30 football fields worth of grassland. Shokay has restored 1,600 football fields of grassland in the last decade.