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1 week, 1 sweater

Own Less. Own Better.
$220 Deposit

To participate as a field tester in the 1-Week Challenge, you must have applied here and been accepted above. Upon acceptance, we require a $220 deposit (the full price of a sweater). We ask for a desposit because we only want people who are serious about this challenge to participate. We guarentee a full 100% refund of the deposit as soon as you complete the Challenge.

Everyone who completes the 1-Week Challenge by uploading 7 photos and a video testimonial within 30 days of receiving their sweater will be issued a full refund. We've had over 50 field testers complete the Challenge, and every one of them has received a full refund and also told us the Challenge helped them change how view their wardrobe, live, and consume.


It’s our hope that this simple challenge may become a catalyst to rethink the way you live and consume. Below are 3 reasons to take the Challenge:

  • See what it's like to #repeat and get more out of a key item for the personal uniform.
  • Let us know how we can improve. This is much more fun than a simple review...
  •  There’s a sweater in it for you.