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Lia K.
Better with every wear

It’s very chilly in Southern California right now, and I'm so happy to have had my Oliver Charles sweater with me all week. It's kept me warm through the overcast weather on my recent road trip. It's just gotten better with every wear. YouTube video placeholder
Tai H.
I like the slim fit

I had an amazing experience with my Oliver Charles sweater since it arrived. I'm 6 ft 175 lbs, and I got the large, and it fits perfectly both in length and cut. I like the slim fit, and the material is super soft, and it's very warm. I was just in New York City with it, and all I had on was the sweater and a jacket, and I was cozy. I machine washed it without any issue. Big fan. YouTube video placeholder
Britany G.
It's comfortable, it's stylish, and I felt good in it

Today is day seven of my 1-Week Challenge with my Oliver Charles sweater. I've worn this sweater every single day for a week. You know, the website says this is a single sweater for all of life, and I found that to be extremely true. Not having to worry about what I was going to wear every day for a week was so so nice.

It's comfortable, it's stylish, and I felt good in it. The sweaters are made sustainably and the quality is so unbelievable. I really think that’s what made the difference for me this week, knowing that my sweater was created and designed to last a lifetime. I just felt different in it. It was almost like a little bit of self-care wearing this every day. My experience was amazing. And I can't wait to wear this sweater forever. YouTube video placeholder
Mandy L.
Serves me well in all temperatures

My review wearing one sweater for seven days in a row. First off, I loved the packaging. I think everyone has commented about the packaging, and it's true… it's unique. Regarding the sweater, the thickness is what surprised me right off the bat. Don't judge a book by its cover. Even though it’s thin, it serves me well in all temperatures. I live in New Hampshire, and I tend to run around in the wintertime without a coat on.

I like the knit of the sweater. The knit looks presentable, whether I'm working from home or I'm at an after-work activity. It pills, but that's what happens with wool products. The pilling should reduce over time as the small fibers work its way out of the sweater.

I really liked how the crew neck wasn't tight against my neck, and I didn’t find it to be scratchy. I've used other wool products before, so maybe I'm not as sensitive as newbies. I will say, just like everyone else, there’s a break-in period for the sweater, so give it a chance.

I hope you really like it. I really liked the 3D-knitting technology behind the sweater. That's why I decided to lay down some cash for a higher price point item. I also liked the challenge and what the company stands for. So give it a try! YouTube video placeholder
Marisa R.
Thin but still really warm

I thought the sweater had a really nice balance of being thin but still really warm. The sweater has perforations under the arms, so even if you are starting to get a little bit too hot, it helps you cool down, which is really nice. It's a little bit on the longer side, but because it's thin, I still found it easy to tuck in if I wanted. I worked for a variety of things. I took it outside in the snow as my base layer. I work in the airport on a five-hour cross country flight, and I also worked in it during the Holidays layered under a nice jumpsuit. I thought it was a really simple, versatile piece that was easy to pair with the rest of my wardrobe. YouTube video placeholder
Sara S.
Super flattering

Life isn't easy, but knowing what I'm gonna wear every day is definitely awesome and easy. I've thoroughly enjoyed wearing my sweater for a week straight. It's soft and not irritating. It didn't bleed when I washed it, which is kind of a big deal. Also, it's super flattering. I'm size zero to one, so finding sweaters that are cute and not clingy is really nice. Looking forward to continuing to wear it, and I'm so glad that I tried this out! YouTube video placeholder
Megan F.
I really wanted to simplify my life

This is my seventh day wearing my light grey Oliver Charles sweater. My first impression was that it was super soft and I liked the cut of it a lot. The first time I wore it, it did feel a little bit scratchy around my neck. The arms and everything else felt great, but around the neck, it fell a bit scratchy. After I washed it though, that scratchiness softened, and it all went away. It feels really great to wear now.

My other first impression is that the color had a little bit of a warmer undertone than I was expecting. It’s a very beautiful grey that goes with all of my wardrobe. I've been wearing it mostly layered over a dress. I love the look over a dress, and it also pairs well with leggings or with jeans. It really is super versatile.

The reason that I wanted to get this sweater is that I am a mom of two kids, a toddler and an eight-week-old. I'm just sick of making decisions. I really wanted to simplify my life. So I've been clearing out my closet trying to focus on quality items rather than the quantity of items that I have.

I wanted to get a nice sweater that I can pair with just about anything, and I wanted something I could wear over and over again without having to wash all the time. Cutting down on laundry has been really great.

Things that I've been doing with my sweater is mostly made up of new mom activities like breastfeeding (it’s taken some spit up here and there that's easily just been cleaned off). I’ve also been running a lot of errands, going into the grocery store, and going to the post office. I'm actually about to head out to go get sushi with one of my good friends, so I'm super excited to take my new go-to out on the town.

As far as washing it, I didn't follow the instructions exactly. Oliver Charles says the sweater is machine washable, but I tend to hand wash most of my clothes because it's easier for me. So I hand wash my sweater. I didn't wring it out at all because the tag says not to, and it took a little bit longer to dry than I was anticipating. I think next time, I will wring it out in a towel just a little bit to speed up that process a little bit.

That's about all that I have to say about this sweater. It's great. I really love wearing it. Looking forward to getting it in another color. I think I would like to get the darker grey blackish color for it as well. YouTube video placeholder
Emily H.
I highly recommend getting one

I just completed my 1-Week Challenge wearing my Oliver Charles sweater every day for the last 7 days. This challenge reminded me of a few things… 1. No one really notices what you wear. I wore the sweater for a week. No one commented that I was wearing the same thing every day. 2. I love the versatility of this sweater. I love that I could wear it to work, go hiking in it, or wear it sitting on my couch. It was just a great cozy go-to sweater.

I like how thin it is, and I enjoyed that I could put a layer over it. It’s chilly where I live, so I layered a vest most of the days I was inside, and then I put another jacket over the top of that when I went outside.

I love that I don’t have to wash it that much. That saves me time and is better for the environment. On that note, I love the many environmentally friendly aspects of this sweater. I am considering creating a capsule wardrobe, and this will be a big part of it because it's so versatile. I can wear a necklace with it or put a hat on and change the look up a bit. I wore it with pants, jeans, and joggers. One day, I wore it over a dress. The versatility of the sweater is endless because of how simple it is. I also appreciated the lack of seams on it. My shoulders are a bit broader and sometimes shoulder seems cut a little bit more narrow than they fit my body. It's great that the sweater doesn't have those seams, so it fits really really well.

To be honest, when I first received the sweater and started the challenge, I noticed it wasn't as soft as I had expected it to be. But I followed the breaking-in instructions and after one wash, it really softened up, which was great. Another thing I noticed was it seemed a little snug, but my sweater loosened up and it fits me really well now.

So all is to say, it's a really nice, cozy sweater you can wear it anywhere, and I highly recommend getting one. YouTube video placeholder
Katherine D.
Such good quality and kept me warm

The sweater is such good quality and kept me warm during the first flurries of the season this morning. Very versatile! Can’t wait to style it many different ways. I worked from home in it and at at my office. It looked great with leggings or blue jeans and a puffer vest. I felt cozy in it during lazy mornings in bed with coffee, and it held up for all my errands thoughout the week.

Sophia M.
Coziest companion

Wore my sweater for 7 days. It's perfect for WFH and walkthroughs with real estate clients. It's he coziest companion for an at-home yoga practice and red-hot date nights. I even liked how it looked knotted around my shoulders.