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Pam H.
Not scratchy AT ALL

The fit is perfect. I like how the sleeves "ease" a bit with wearing. I'm fascinated by the "knitting" as it's purled on both sides, which makes the sweater feel not as soft, but I am wearing it as a base layer (no shirt underneath) and it is very comfy -- not scratchy AT ALL. I wear it with jeans at home and dress slacks at work, accessorized with hand-knit scarves or my alpaca vest. The color is exactly what I was looking for: a heathery brown. I like the combination of yak and merino as I gravitate to natural fibers, and appreciate that there may be a wait to receive the sweater because it is made to order.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’4 | Weight: 150 lb | Bust: 38"

Erik L.
Best everyday sweater available

What I love about my sweaters is the fit and finish. The company story is cool too but I am picky about fit and they got it right in every way. I am 5’10” and weigh 180lbs with an athletic build. 42” chest, 34” sleeve length and 32” waist. Every measurement in a large sweater is spot on for me. The position of the arm holes, the neck opening, the torso length and opening, the sleeve length are all perfect. I don’t like boxy sweaters and this is the ultimate fitting for me. I usually wear a tshirt underneath. If I am wearing a watch and a bracelet I like to roll sleeve up 1”. I have dark grey, light grey, teal and undyed (oatmeal) and they all get worn! Thanks guys for creating the ultimate sweater.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect
Height: 5’10 | Weight: 180 lb

Amy M.
Love how the sweater felt

I was hoping to solve my problem of buying too many clothes and just focus on buying high quality clothing, instead of buying anything and everything to just add more clothing pieces to my closet.

I was skeptical of wearing the same sweater each day for 7 days that it would lose its shape and that it would have an odor and most of all, become very itchy since it’s made out of wool.

After this challenge, I love how the sweater felt and how simple it was to pair it with my bottoms or with other pieces. The color looked good on me and I felt good in it. I found my go-to sweater, in which I’ll be wearing many times throughout the year!

I would recommend this sweater to my friends and colleagues who faced the same problem as me. I feel they need to know that buying sustainable materials not just benefit us, but for the Earth as well.

Size Ordered: S | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Sheldon W.
Comfort and warmth

A little skeptical at first but the sweater smelled great after 7 days of wearing it and felt really good after washing it. I was surprised at the strength/durability of the sweater and the feel. It will impact my life because I will wear it a lot and buy more things out of wool.

I would recommend an OC sweater to my friends and family because of the comfort and warmth of it living in North Dakota winters.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

Tara M.
Comfortable, stylish, not itchy

I was delightfully surprised at how easy this challenge was… this sweater is comfortable, stylish, not itchy, and such a clean and easy staple that putting it on every day felt like an ease of decision making and a simple choice rather than something I had to do. On day 7 there is no odor, a little (but limited) stretching, and I can honestly say that this far it has surpassed my expectations. I would readily recommend this sweater for anything looking for a high quality staple piece made of natural materials.

Size Ordered: L | Typical Size: L | Fit: Perfect

Christa M.
Didn’t smell dirty at all after 7 days

I wanted a sweater that wasn’t too thick and was flattering. I did not want a sweater that would pill or be too hot. I’m surprised how well my OC went with everything and it didn’t smell dirty at all after 7 days! This sweater experience showed me that I can do with less clothing and quality clothing is worth it. I would recommend this sweater to all of my girlfriends, they would love it!

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

Megan O.
Added to my travel capsule wardrobe

A challenge for me is when I pack try to pack in a backpack only, it’s hard to find items that are warm and pack down small and light. After my busy week, it’s been nice to wear the same thing every day and come up with different outfits. I was surprised by how easy it was to come up with outfits and how much I liked the color of my undyed sweater. I don’t have many items in a similar color so it felt unique. The sweater has been light but warm and really good for layering under and over, so I’m excited to add it to my travel and capsule wardrobe. I would recommend the sweater to people who travel a lot and need lightweight layers to pack light.

Size Ordered: M | Typical Size: M | Fit: Perfect

Taryn W.
Nice but also practical

I'm still wearing my sweater after 7 days straight, so that's a good sign. I got this sweater because I wanted something that was nice but also practical. I'm a mom, I work full time, and I felt like investing less decision energy into what I wear every day would help with everything else. It's been nice knowing I have something I can easily throw on. I was a little skeptical about the no wash without it smelling part, but it's held up really great. I noticed a little pilling after a week of wear, but using the tips and tricks OC recommends, I was able to get rid of it in the wash with a pair of jeans. This sweater definitely inspired me to be a little more adventurous with the clothes I already wear.

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: XS | Fit: Perfect

Elizabeth R.
Will buy again

Great sweater! Worth the price. Pls make a dark green color option next. Will buy again

Size Ordered: XS | Typical Size: S | Fit: Perfect

Deborah K.
I might just wear it every day for my whole life

I'm a busy mom, and I work full time. I have kids and three pets, and I just don't have time for anything. That is why I was drawn to Oliver Charles. I need a uniform that I can put on almost every day and just have it look nice. It needs to look good on the side of the baseball field, in my meetings on zoom, and be able to go on hikes with my dog when I have 20 minutes between things.

I've now worn my sweater every day for 8 days. I can say it has been amazing. It's really cut down on my decision making in the morning. I just throw it on, and I'm so cozy in it, I don't want to take it off like when I get home.

I always used to tear off my clothes and put on sweatpants, but I love this sweater. It's so cozy, and it's so comfortable. I feel really easy in it. And I've gotten lots of compliments on how cute I look and how nice my sweater is. So that is really awesome. I might just wear it every day for my whole life and such as love it that much.