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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Sam Canino
Starting to become one with my sweater

Wake up feeling a bit chilly. Sweater. Getting ready for a night on the town. Sweater. Going to work. Sweater. Golf. Sweater. Nap time. Sweater. Shower. Sweat... anyway I can't stop wearing this thing!

These sweaters are incredible. The longer I've had it, the more I wear it. Super cosy and comfortable. Definitely getting softer the more I use it. Looking forward to getting some as gifts and for the V-neck!

Donna G.
A perfect sweater for people of any age and any lifestyle

A quality sweater that can be worn with anything. I like it with my jeans the best. Feels comfortable in any weather. My husband wore his several days in a row and it still looks and feels like new. No smell! A perfect sweater for people of any age and any lifestyle. It is a classic! Love it so much, I bought two for myself and plan to spread the word!

Tara L.
A perfect lightweight, comfy, and stylish modern sweater combination

I’m a pretty standard medium-sized woman, but I’m tall and sizing has always been a struggle.

It is near impossible to find a sweater (that isn’t oversized) with a good waist length. And as all tall girls will understand, it is actually impossible to find one with sleeves that don’t cut off at your wrists... Until now.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to put on a sweater and be able to pull the sleeves down around my fingers. Aside from the clear benefit of the sleeves, the crew neck sweater is a slim fit, but not too tight. It feels, but doesn’t look, baggy - a perfect lightweight, comfy, and stylish modern sweater combination.

Suzan K.

My 3 sweaters arrived. They are GORGEOUS. I’ve worn my medium, lt. grey one for the last 2 days. So comfy, warm, soft, handsome, luxurious, unpretentious. I love the torso length so I can either wear it full-length, or gather it up a bit. Color is marvelous. It’s a soft silvery, grey. The other 2 are XL for gifts. I may have to give them early.

Anne T.
Wore a lot and didn't have to wash constantly or worry about

I want to start by saying that I am a stay at home mom. I have two little girls who are two and a half years old and eight months old, so the thing I was looking for in this sweater was durability and washability.

I can't wear cashmere during the day. It's just not feasible for me. I needed this sweater to perform. My kids and I play, paint, eat messy foods. My baby pulls on my clothes all day. I’m holding kids all day. So I really needed my sweater to hold up... and you know, it really did.

I didn't get to experiment a lot with accessorizing or wearing it in fun ways. You know, my mom uniform is just jeans and a shirt. In the wintertime maybe two shirts.

I have lots of ideas for how I could make this sweater really cute. But at the end of the day, they just weren't functional for me at home. If I had been working I think I could have done some really fun things with it. For that reason, I can't wait for you to have more colors because then I could really have more fun in my wardrobe even at home.

I got the light grey because at least it goes with everything. I guess I should have thought about darker colors for kids, but I didn't. It's held up really well. It hasn't pilled all that much. I did wash it last night because I've been wearing it so much. I figured I wanted to have washed it before I reviewed it, and it did well. So you're not supposed to put it in the dryer but... I did, and it did fine. I'm not saying you should. But I did.

I’ve worn my sweater now through everything you can think of that a preschool mom would do. Running around and going for walks. We ran errands. I was spit up on. I got cookies mushed on me. We painted. All of it. The sweater held up for it all.

A couple times, I got a little overheated. I don't know if that was my layering or the temperature in my house. It did regulate my temperature. I could go inside and outside, run errands, and I never needed to even bring a jacket which was nice. So for calm moments and busy moments, I was pretty comfortable.

I ordered a large based on the size chart. I'm six foot tall. I usually wear size eight in women's clothes, and I thought that it fits pretty well right out of the tube. I was pleasantly surprised with how long it was. I never have clothes that are long enough especially in the arms. So that was really nice, and they were pretty snug, which was also nice.

It did stretch out over time, but not anything crazy. I think maybe if I bought another one, I would go down to a medium just knowing it could stretch out a little. I think it would be more fitted for the shoulders and the chest.

I really loved the challenge of trying to have a sustainable piece that I wore a lot and didn't have to wash constantly or worry about falling apart. I can't tell you how many shirts or sweaters I bought from even expensive companies where the quality sucked. So this was really refreshing. I really liked the tight knit and the fitted feel.