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Crew Neck Sweater

A Single Item For All Of Life 
  • Work ready. Couch approved.
  • Soft like cashmere, but easy to care for.
  • All-season layer. Breathable & warm.
  • Smell & feel fresh even after 10 wears.

When wool from yak, the highest dwelling mammal, meets the world’s most advanced 3D-knitting machines, you get your new go-to.

  • 75% Merino, 25% Khullu.
  • Ultra-fine 17.5μm natural fibers.
  • Made in Brooklyn, New York City.
  • Based out of hilly San Francisco.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
New favorite top and I can't wait to get another one

I bought the light grey Oliver Charles sweater and was so excited to receive it in time for the holidays! Without intentionally participating in their 7 day challenge, I wore mine for 10 days straight - through long walks, cold days, warm days, work calls, movies, road trips, and even a surgery - without any signs of wear or odor. It became my go to top for all occasions, always making me feel posh and incredibly comfortable.

By day 10, there were still no signs of BO smells trapped in the fabric, though the pits started to smell like my deodorant so I gave it a wash. I had noticed a few pills forming here and there, but the wash matted them down and/or got rid of the visible ones. It hung dry really easily and was ready to wear again later that day.

The comfort and odor resistance are two of my favorite things about this sweater, but one surprising quality I hadn't expected was how easy it would be to get stains out of the light grey fibers. Whenever I would cook or eat in it the first couple of days, I'd be overly cautious, wearing an apron and calling it my adult bib. Eventually I let my guard down - that's when I spilled part of my taco bell chalupa on my sweater and made a mess of it. I ran a little water through it and dabbed it with a damp paper towel and a little hand soap and it came right out. And when you think about it, if you spilled your taco bell chalupa on a yak, you wouldn't expect it to stick for good in their fur either.

Did not disappoint!

I really liked the sweater. Some of my favorite things about it were around the design. I like how the collar is a little bit ruffled and the small stitch pattern, which makes it look a little more professional. I got a light grey, and it's really quite neutral, so I could wear it seven times in a row and it didn't seem to get boring. It would just match with whatever I was wearing.

I have mostly worn it around the house due to being stuck in my home, but I took it out a couple of times. I went to the office one day, and I went to get together with friends that outside at a bonfire. I was able to dress it up with a necklace and it still looks good. I was worried after the bonfire that it would smell like smoke the next day, but it did not, which was really great.

I'm looking forward to getting another sweater. I think I'll probably go for the blue this time to get a nice contrast. Overall I was really looking forward to receiving my sweater and it did not disappoint!

Wore a lot and didn't have to wash constantly or worry about

I want to start by saying that I am a stay at home mom. I have two little girls who are two and a half years old and eight months old, so the thing I was looking for in this sweater was durability and washability.

I can't wear cashmere during the day. It's just not feasible for me. I needed this sweater to perform. My kids and I play, paint, eat messy foods. My baby pulls on my clothes all day. I’m holding kids all day. So I really needed my sweater to hold up... and you know, it really did.

I didn't get to experiment a lot with accessorizing or wearing it in fun ways. You know, my mom uniform is just jeans and a shirt. In the wintertime maybe two shirts.

I have lots of ideas for how I could make this sweater really cute. But at the end of the day, they just weren't functional for me at home. If I had been working I think I could have done some really fun things with it. For that reason, I can't wait for you to have more colors because then I could really have more fun in my wardrobe even at home.

I got the light grey because at least it goes with everything. I guess I should have thought about darker colors for kids, but I didn't. It's held up really well. It hasn't pilled all that much. I did wash it last night because I've been wearing it so much. I figured I wanted to have washed it before I reviewed it, and it did well. So you're not supposed to put it in the dryer but... I did, and it did fine. I'm not saying you should. But I did.

I’ve worn my sweater now through everything you can think of that a preschool mom would do. Running around and going for walks. We ran errands. I was spit up on. I got cookies mushed on me. We painted. All of it. The sweater held up for it all.

A couple times, I got a little overheated. I don't know if that was my layering or the temperature in my house. It did regulate my temperature. I could go inside and outside, run errands, and I never needed to even bring a jacket which was nice. So for calm moments and busy moments, I was pretty comfortable.

I ordered a large based on the size chart. I'm six foot tall. I usually wear size eight in women's clothes, and I thought that it fits pretty well right out of the tube. I was pleasantly surprised with how long it was. I never have clothes that are long enough especially in the arms. So that was really nice, and they were pretty snug, which was also nice.

It did stretch out over time, but not anything crazy. I think maybe if I bought another one, I would go down to a medium just knowing it could stretch out a little. I think it would be more fitted for the shoulders and the chest.

I really loved the challenge of trying to have a sustainable piece that I wore a lot and didn't have to wash constantly or worry about falling apart. I can't tell you how many shirts or sweaters I bought from even expensive companies where the quality sucked. So this was really refreshing. I really liked the tight knit and the fitted feel.

Best sweater ever

LOVE this sweater! My boyfriend compliments me on it every time I wear it. I love the color - the fit is super flattering. It is so versatile, I wear it with workout clothes, business attire, and casual wear.

My favorite piece of clothing

I've been super impressed. I knew that I would like the color when I saw it on the website, and I figured it would be soft. I thought that the sweater might be a little bit thin for where I live, but I've been wearing this sweater for a week, and It feels great. It was super soft when I got it and It's even softer now.

It is incredibly comfortable and fitted to my body if it's the best of any sweater that I own. And it still smells great seven days in! So that's a win for me, and I thought that maybe it was a little much to spend on a sweater. But this is the most comfortable thing that I own and probably my favorite piece of clothing. Money well spent.