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1-Week Challenge

Challenge yourself to #repeat your style and wear 1 key piece of your closet 7 days in a row.


It’s our hope that this simple challenge may become a catalyst to rethink the way you live and consume. See what it's like to #repeat and get more out of a key item for the personal uniform.

OLIVER CHARLES - Charcoal Crew Neck Sweater - Smart Casual Sweater For Daily Wear - WHOLEGARMENT 3D-Knit - Merino & Yak Wool Khullu


"My favorite thing to be is cozy, so when Oliver Charles invited me to wear their supposedly revolutionary sweaters for 7 days straight, I couldn’t resist.

They claim to use the best materials for sweaters. They also say their sweaters are cozy enough for daily wear - as a cozy-connoisseur, I am well-equipped to put them to the test!" - Tara L.

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