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Let's design a sweater together.

You know better than us what helps you feel your best...

Instead of us designing alone, let's do something new and co-create a sweater together.

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The Community

At the end of the day, we're learning about what helps our customers feel their best. Instead of us designing alone, we're excited to co-create our sweaters together. Who knows, maybe our you'll even stick around to help us design our 10th product. We hope so.

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Where we are today

We’ve launched our first sweater on Indiegogo! This first sweater is especially important because we co-created it with people just like you on our Customer Advisory Board.

What's Next

We've had such a positive experience co-creating with our customers that we're going to keep doing it! We think about it like a flywheel...

we'll co-create new sweater fits and styles with this community...

...and we'll work with customers on improving the fit and feel of existing styles. 

Eventually we'll go inventory-less through our 3D-knitting process and make custom fitted sweaters for customers. 


When we were initially designing our sweater, we looked for ways to create a more comfortable fit and reduce waste.

Wholegarment manufacturing checked those boxes - instead of sewing cut fabric parts together that are each knit separately, the Wholegarment process knits sweaters in one entire piece, creating a more durable sweater with nearly zero waste.

Key Benefits


Smooth, continuous knit construction.

Zero Waste

Knit as one entire piece. No wasted materials.


10% lighter without added seam weight.

A Better process

Traditional Cut & Sew

Irritating seams that interfere with the stretch and fit.

Our Process

Knit in 3-dimensions, creating a more comfortable fit.

3-Dimensional Fit


Seamless continuity of the knit from front to back.


Eliminate bulky discomfort of typical sewn knitwear.


Knitted-in collars create a refined, sophisticated look.


Conforms to the shape of your body for a natural fit.

The Materials our community chose

We work with the soft underbelly fibers that insulate yak in the cold winter. This fiber is called khullu ("coo-loo"), and it is some of the best natural fiber money can buy.

It's also the material our earliest advisory board members chose for our sweaters because of its sustainability, thermoregulation, and antimicrobial properties.

We pair khullu with merino wool, the Swiss Army Knife of the natural fiber world. world-famous for its excellent insulating, sweat-wicking, and odor-resisting properties.

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the world's best natural wool.


Synthetic materials trap odor. Ours don't.


More breathable than cashmere & lambswool.


Yak naturally weather cold -40° F winters.


Similar in hand-feel to cashmere.


Bend and flex 30,000 x before seeing any wear.


Disappears after only 12 months in the ground.

A little more About us

Growing up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, outdoor adventure had a major influence on us. We’ve always preferred wearing durable, high performing clothes versus following fashion trends.

It seemed that no matter the phase of our life, we always gravitated towards long-lasting clothes that felt good to wear, and when we found clothes that we felt good in, we wanted to wear them all the time.

Years later, we found ourselves as roommates in the Bay Area starting a sweater brand called Oliver Charles. The goal is to make clothes our childhood selves would be proud of. 

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We'll email you the application and next steps for co-creating a sweater.

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