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March 16th, 2022

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

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It's March 16th, 2022

Happy Wednesday, and thanks for reading the New Yak Times!

Read the Oliver Charles update at the end to learn the meaning of Squiggly Wiggly. But first, the week's top stories...

  • No More Daylight Savings
  • Tom Brady's Big Comeback
  • Companies Say нет to Russia
  • The Endurance Endures
  • Oliver Charles Update

No More Daylight Savings

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

Talking Points:

  • I've written about Daylight Savings twice now! Why? Cause it's stupid and fascinating. The good news is that it seems to be coming to an end.  
  • On Tuesday, Congress unanimously passed a bill to end the practice of Daylight Savings. Assuming Big Daylight doesn't get in the way, and the House passes the bill, in 2023 we will no longer have to save daylight.
  • If there's anything we should take from this, it's that losing an hour of sleep is the trick to bringing republicans and democrats together.
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Tom Brady's Big Comeback

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

Talking Points:

  • After only a month of retirement, Tom Brady, 44 years old, decided he still had some fight left in him.
  • At 44, he is the oldest active player in the NFL, and if he can hold on for 5 more years, he'll be the oldest player of all time, surpassing George Blanda, who retired at 48.
  • The news also comes 1 day after a collector shelled out $518,000 for the ball used on Brady's last career touchdown pass. Maybe he can make an NFT out of it and recoup the losses.
Tom's announcement >>

Companies Say нет to Russia

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

Talking Points:

  • Since the invasion of Ukraine, companies have been suspending operations in Russia. From McDonald's to Adidas, businesses all over are leaving Russia.
  • While Russia's not the biggest market, it's still pretty significant, and companies will feel the lost revenue. Though, it all depends on how long the war/sanctions last.
  • It's not like flicking a switch on-off. Leaving Russia makes it hard to go back. This means that every day Russians will be more and more isolated from the West, which could eventually backfire... only in hindsight will we know.
List of companies leaving Russia >>

The Endurance Endures

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

Talking Points:

  • 107 years after it sank, the wreck of HMS Endurance was discovered. The ship was located nearly 2 miles underwater, perfectly preserved by the cold temperatures of Antarctica.
  • The aptly named ship was captained by the explorer Ernest Shackleton who attempted to cross the South Pole in 1914, only to find himself trapped in the ice and forced to set out on an adventure that'd ultimately bring him more fame than completing the trek.
  • For two brutal years, the Endurance crew was stranded in Antarctica, surviving under the leadership of Shackleton. Keep in mind this was in 1914, and they didn't have a single khullu sweater.
The Extraordinary journey >>

Oliver Charles Update 

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

This last weekend, I was in Canada, first and foremost to ski. You know what they say, pick hobbies that reflect the wealth you want, not the wealth you have. I'll be getting into Polo next.

My vacation might surprise you, especially if you've been a long-time reader of the NYT. If you have, you know that I never stop grinding.

Well, I've got news for you. I didn't stop grinding. I took every possible chance to turn my mountain getaway into a work offsite.

From capturing content, to visiting a fellow sweater brand, to telling every single person I rode up the chair lift with about Oliver Charles. It was a productive business trip.

Ohhh Canada! What a country. Nice people, an abundance of sweater weather, lots of maple syrup, and ham branded as bacon.

What can Canada teach us about building a sweater business? A lot. Canadians have a way of speaking that I would describe as a masterclass in marketing.

Here's a great example. Canadians call moguls (the bumps on a ski mountain) squiggly wigglies.

That's genius on so many levels. It takes something scary and makes it approachable, it's descriptive, and it's fun to say. You can't really get much better than that, especially when you compare it to the word, "moguls."

Upon learning the lingo, I thought to myself, how can we implement that energy in our own brand. What is something we say commonly that could be rebranded?

Well… it turns out that we've actually already implemented this strategy. We turned beanies (the things that go on your head) into head sweaters.

 Ok, ok, it's not quite as good as squiggly wiggles, but it's on the right track.

Speaking of head sweaters, our pre-order ended yesterday, but because you read the whole update us the code Squiggly-Wiggly to get the pre-order pricing until the end of the day.

Until next time, keep building 💪.

CMO @ Oliver Charles
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