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February 16th, 2022

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

Hello 👋. I'm Tobias the "100% real" CMO of Oliver Charles. This is my weekly update as Slater, Jack, and I build Oliver Charles in public.

It's February 16th, 2022

Dear readers,

Happy Wednesday! Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Personally, I don't like football. I don't get it. Having said that, I still watch the Super Bowl, but not for the game. I watch it for the commercials.

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

The True Super Bowl Athletes

I like to think that the true Super Bowl athletes are the advertising executives behind the commercials.

It's predicted that 117M people tuned into the big match on Sunday. These viewership numbers are unmatched, making it one of the biggest advertising opportunities of the year.

A 30-second ad run will cost you a cool $7M. That's just for the spot - not to mention the production costs. Obviously, it's a huge investment.

But it's a pretty good investment, and while Oliver Charles doesn't have anywhere close to $7M, one day we might, and maybe we'll spend it on a Super Bowl ad.

For this week's issue, I'm going to explore what a Super Bowl ad for Oliver Charles might look like and examine some of this year's ads.

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

The Coinbase Ad

Coinbase won this year's Super Bowl ad game. In my opinion, the advertising executives at Coinbase are the real Super Bowl champions.

If you didn't see the ad, it was simply perfect. Emphasis on simply.

The whole ad was a QR code floating around a screen just barely missing the perfect corner hit. Remember the classic DVD screensaver?

There was no text until the very end of the ad when the QR code finally hit a perfect corner, and the screen flashed, "Coinbase."

It was a work of art and a masterful display of how to make an effective Super Bowl ad.

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

It Worked a Little Too Well... 

The Coinbase ad has all the 5 ingredients of a perfect ad... or as I like to call it S.P.A.N.O.

  • Simplicity (Just a QR)
  • Piques Curiosity (No Explanation)
  • Actionable (Scan QR)
  • Nostalgia (Classic DVD Screensaver)
  • Off Trend (No Pop Culture References)

According to Coinbase, 20M visitors came to their website in a single minute after airing the ad.

For those of you who like numbers, that means it cost Coinbase $.70 to send someone to their site (14M/20M (cost of the 1-minute ad/visitors)).

For perspective, the average cost per click on Facebook is $.97, Instagram is $3.56, and LinkedIn is $5.26.

None of this is counting the long-tail free marketing that’s coming from everyone talking about the ad.

The real kicker (no pun intended) was that the traffic was converting. The app quickly jumped from #186 in the app store to #2.

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

Nostalgia Sells Products

The Coinbase ad was based on the old DVD screensaver, which undoubtedly transported the audience back in time.

Not only that, but it probably had the biggest impact on the generation Coinbase really wants to attract for their service.

It's a tried and true tactic. Just look at the halftime show. A group of musicians that peaked roughly 10-20 years ago gave the world a bit of nostalgia, and people are going crazy about it.

Certain products or ideas play such a significant role in our lives that we attribute ancillary feelings to them. When this happens to enough people, not only are we reminded of a positive moment in the past but we feel a connection to others in the present. That’s the real magic.

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

Don't Be Trendy

Chasing trends does not lead to future nostalgia. That’s counterintuitive, but let me explain.

When ideas don’t invoke curiosity and make you think, they don’t stick with you. Putting an idea in the context of what people expect, makes them easier to understand but doesn’t make them stick.

The fashion industry is notorious for this, and it leads to bad products, waste, and the phrase, “I can’t believe I used to dress like that.”

Timelessness is at the core of Oliver Charles and will definitely be at the core of our Super Bowl commercial.

OLIVER CHARLES - The New Yak Times - Business And Financial News Using Memes

An Oliver Charles Super Bowl Ad

Ok, so using my 5 ingredients for the perfect Super Bowl ad, let’s design an ad for Oliver Charles.

It opens with a young Mr. Rogers on the set of his show. The video quality is set to look like it did in the 60s. He’s looking into the camera smiling. (Nostalgia ✅)

Next, you hear someone call, “action.” He turns and begins to walk. As he does, the background starts to change, playing a highlight reel of the most wonderful moments from his show throughout the decades, mixed with iconic audio from the show. (More Nostalgia! ✅)

Eventually, when he reaches the 2000s, he turns towards the camera, and as the lights on the set behind him begin to shut off, someone calls, “that's a wrap.” Once the only lights left in the studio are on him, he says, “a single sweater for all of life.” (Simple ✅)

Then, he unzips his iconic go-to sweater, displaying a hairy old man's chest containing a subtle, slightly faded tattoo of a QR code. There’s a short pause as the light fades around him. As it fades, "Oliver Charles," with the words, “The Sweater Company” beneath it slowly comes into focus. (Piques Curiosity ✅)

The QR naturally leads to a Limited Edition "Mr. Rogers" Sweater. (Actionable ✅)

Voilà! A masterpiece is born. I can already see HBS doing a case study. Let me know what you think and how you’d tweak it/add to it.

Until next time, keep building 💪.

CMO @ Oliver Charles
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