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The Little Things Writing Contest #001

The contest is a continuation of our book, The Little Things, with a Mother's Day theme!
Deadline: May 5, 2021
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  • Do you have a story based on an experience or sentimental thing?
  • Is the story related to the mom in your life or Mother's Day itself?
  • Does thinking about this story of yours make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Share your reflection and participate in this month's writing contest!

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The Little Things

Last year we published a bright yellow coffee table book with pages made up of the thoughts, ideas, and memories that make us collectively feel good.

In the book, The Little Things, we interviewed a wide range of people about happiness, from Olympic athletes to best-selling authors, chefs, and comedians. Before every interview, we asked each person to reflect on 3 questions:

  • When are you happiest?
  • What do you miss about being a kid?
  • What little things bring you most joy?

Our hope was for these questions to prompt happiness for the people we interviewed.

We also hoped that by the end our collected reflections would help readers reconnect with experiences in their own life that bring them joy.

The 1st edition of The Little Things was a big success, and we're determined to keep the spirit of reflection, empathy, and happiness alive through our writing contests!

What do you miss about being a kid?

"When I was a small child, I would ride my bike with the neighborhood kids. I remember the playful spirit of riding in circles around their houses and through open fields.

Remembering those days, I miss the sound of my grandmother's voice at the end of the day, when it seemed like the days would just go on and on forever.

When you are a child and you are playing with all of your heart, it seems as if time never stops. Every evening at about 6:30, I could count on hearing my grandmother's voice.

She would yell—her sound being carried through the open fields and woods—and all the neighbors could hear her calling my name. Her voice was my audible reminder, as the shades of light were being pulled down around me, that the day was coming to a close.

With it a came a feeling of childlike disappointment because it meant that play was over. But in retrospect, hearing her call me home was the most sacred sound: the sound of being called home."

Eric L. Motley
Vice President, The Aspen Institute

When are you the happiest?

"I'm happiest when I'm onstage. There's something about what happens to me, physically, when I get underneath the lights.

Sometimes I feel nervous before I do comedy, but as soon as I get under the lights, and have that mic in my hand, I feel at home. In these moments, I feel like my perspective shifts.

When people really laugh and connect with what I'm saying, they give an energy that's very tangible. It almost feels like I could capture it and put it in my pocket. It just feels like love."

Chanel Ali

What little things bring you joy?

"There are many things that bring me joy. Family time, a glassy day of surf, and when an art piece works out just the way I want it to, give me the most stoke.

The best is when I can combine all these things into one day. My perfect sunny day starts with creating some art, then going outside to enjoy a surf at the beach with my family."

Nick Kuchar
Artist & Founder
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