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Our 1st Sustainable Fashion Pop-up

Join us and 9 sustainable fashion brands for 2 weeks of shopping, parties, free wine tastings, and artist demonstrations.
September 22, 2021
By Oliver Charles

This October 2nd through the 15th, join us at our Sustainable Fashion Pop-Up at The Bar Code Showroom in beautiful Presidio Heights, San Francisco.

When you RSVP, you’ll be entered into our giveaway of $2,000 worth of sustainable fashion products from participating companies.

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2021 is the year for us to drop fast fashion and look for long-lasting, versatile, regenerative / circular material-based clothing to wear and gift loved ones.

Because what's the alternative?

In the last decade, fast fashion created more greenhouse gases than international flights and maritime shipments combined.

Plastic-based synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex are the worst offenders, using nearly 342 million barrels of oil a year.

Besides championing destructive plastic-based materials, fast fashion companies design clothes that fall apart quickly to keep you coming back.

Companies like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 pursue a strategy called “Planned Obsolescence” - designing garments to become unfashionable, wear out, or lose shape in the span of a season.

They are cheating the planet and their customers. That should be illegal!

To challenge fast fashion, we need to change the way we buy clothes.

In the 1980s, the average American bought 12 new articles of clothing every year. Today, that number is 68.

Amassing quantity instead of investing in quality is generating more waste than we can manage.

The average American now discards 80 pounds of clothes a year. Of all the fabric used for clothing, 87% ends up incinerated or in a landfill.

At our Sustainable Fashion Pop-Up, a few select companies are uniquely offering their showroom items for order on-demand. Our goal is to showcase a new form of shopping that is more personalized and less wasteful.

If you invest in just one high-quality, long-lasting staple instead of buying new fast fashion clothes this year, it would save nearly 6 pounds of CO2 emissions. If everyone bought into this, it would be equivalent to removing half a million cars off the road every year.

Each participating company in our pop-up brings a distinct approach to sustainable fashion.

Some promote sustainability through their unique materials, such as khullu and recycled leather.

Others are challenging fast fashion through their manufacturing processes by adopting 3D-knitting and on-demand production.

Here are all the participating brands. We have something for everyone who stops in!

oliver charles

Timeless go-to sweater you'll wear for years. Made from khullu, the soft down wool of high elevation Tibetan yak. 30% warmer and 2x more breathable than cashmere.

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Opus Mind

Easy-to-wear handcrafted luxury bags designed to carry the weight of your world. Made of recycled scraps of leather, paving the way for the circular fashion movement.

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Kali Made

Limited edition, luxury garments made in Oakland with the belief that true style is found within, and clothes should look and feel as good (if not better) in 20 years as they do now.

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Bringing premium, 100% Italian-designed and manufactured belts to waistlines worldwide. Made from sustainably sourced leather from tanneries that use a natural, metal-free dying.

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American Trench

Clothing for everyday life. Made from waterproof Ventile cotton fabric that is grown and spun in the United States.

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Henning NYC

Luxury plus-size staples without compromises on quality, design, or, craftsmanship. Feel as smart, sharp, and powerful as you truly are.

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Established to pay tribute to the vanishing art of handmade American goods. Garments that are functional, tailorable, and repairable. Made from high-quality fabrics in durable constructions.

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Articles of Style

Full-service bespoke tailor with fabrics from the best mills in the world. Create the perfect fit for your body, and develop a versatile, sustainable wardrobe that will last the test of time.

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Cashmere Red

Cashmere and fine good. Made with materials from leading mills in Scotland and the USA to design timeless pieces that will be passed down for generations.

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Tailored Industry

Luxury knitwear, 3D-knit on-demand in Brooklyn NYC. Inspiring a new generation of fashion brands to buy sustainable products ethically made in the USA.

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