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Introducing Our New Khullu Beanies!

No more cold ears. No more bad hair days. And no more feeling like an outcast walking through the streets of Brooklyn.
March 3, 2022
By Jack Paley

I love weekend adventures. They are fun and help me disconnect from work for a nice reset.

That's why it pains me to say that weekend adventures are officially canceled... at least for the next couple of months.

Slater and I took a peek at our calendar last week and realized that we're selling sweaters like madmen every weekend at pop-up events until May 21st... that's 80 days from now!

We needed to have at least one last hurrah before the pop-up circuit kicked off. So we put together a 5 point plan and then had an adventure for the books last weekend...

  • Call in sick on Friday and drive to Lake Tahoe. Stop at In-N-Out on the way, as is tradition.
  • Arrive at a cozy Airbnb. Rest up for a big day... or play board games until 1 in the morning.
  • Wake up and have a cup of hot Cometeer, as San Francisco dilettantes do.
  • Drive to the mountains... have the time of our lives playing in the snow.
  • Pack the new beanies* and have our friends wear them, get lots of photos, and make a blog.

*Slater and I are contractually obligated to find cost savings to balance our time off having fun.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

weekend adventure is a needed break 

There's no substitute for weekends away from my laptop and routine.

Whether it's searching for mountain lakes, sprawling fields, and calming rivers in the summer... or playing in the snow and cozying up in a cabin in the winter. These are all my happy places.

And when I get back late at night on Sunday after a weekend exploring with friends, I might not feel well-rested, but I always feel refreshed and ready to take on the workweek.

OLIVER CHARLES - Blog #Repeat - Style, Sustainability, Unique Innovative Materials, Sizing, Enclothed Cognition

perfect companions on any adventure

I've never felt more excited to launch our first new product of the year, a khullu beanie.

And even though it's a bit of a grind, I'm looking forward to the 16 pop-ups between now and the end of May. I can't wait to pour my heart out, telling people why our products are perfect for simplifying work and life.

And then once everything is said and done, 80 days later on May 21st, Slater and I are planning another weekend adventure, which is currently dubbed in our calendars as, "Going Camping With Pals."

This is around the same time as we launch our new summer sweater style. Keeping in good faith with our contracts, I'd expect us to rope our pals into more photoshoots on this adventure as well!

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